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    I was driving late last night and it was very icy and cold and the roads were getting slippery.

    There was a car right up my arse driving extremely close to me; I was driving very carefully and trying not to skid on the icy roads and the car just stayed right up against me – far too close for my liking and totally unsafe. There was nowhere to pull over and let them pass so I stuck on my hazards for a few seconds to give him the message to back off but he did not.

    So if you are out and about please be careful, the roads are dangerous and we all need to give each other a bit of extra space between cars.

    Why are some people such idiots on the road, especially in these weather conditions!!


    I had a dickhead doing the same to me the other night…. he did back off when i braked in front of him! 😆 😆 😆
    I wont be bullied on the road, i was driver for way too many years for some penis to come up behind me and try and force me to drive at his pace etc.

    Sabbi you really need to ignore the tools behide and just do your own thing, i wouldnt put hazzards on etc, i wouldnt get in a flap… ignore and if he wants to pass he will pass, i would not pull over for another driver!!!!
    I give a gentle tip on the brakes that the lights flash on, if they dont back off buckle up and brake harder the second time, believe me they soon get the message…. i had a guy almost rub my bumper one night, i was sooo annoyed i did brake! How he didnt rear end me i dont know, he got out of his car up the the roundabout at southgate and fucked me from a height, i roared laughing and told him if he wants to bully women on the road you picked the wrong woman, he said i could have killed him!! Eh, no you couldhave you were driving TOO BLEEDIN CLOSE… I went on to tell him i have a full HGV Licence and when he gets rid of his L Plates he could tell me who had done 3 Test and passed first time on all three how to drive!!
    This is a total pet hate of mine, my dh does it on the motorway, one of these days i will have a stroke in the car with him 😈 😈 😈


    i hate hate impatient and careless drivers.and while i agree taylor you shouldnt allow them bully you last thing you want to do is put yourself at friend braked in annoyance with a guy on her rear and he ploughed into her. he was obvs at fault but she wasthe one left with a very sore whiplash!! put me off doing it thou i still would tip the brake. i am a very nervous driver and am easily put off. in the bad weather recently i was doin an appropriate speed for the conditions torrential rain down at river near oldbrige concrete some feckers tried overtaking .on a deathwish 😯


    I would usually brake or slow down really slow to annoy them but the roads were icy so I was not risking sliding in my car just because some idiot was tailgating me. Honestly, where are these idiots rushing to?? It will be A&E if they’re not careful…


    I do have to say the amount of Bad drivers out there is just shocking, i was going onto the M1 last weeks from the citynorth slip road, i would put the foot to the floor and merge somewhere between 100km or 120km… i was behind an idiot who drove onto the the M1 DOING 50km!!!! 😈 😈 😈
    I was shouting at him (not that he could hear) sometimes too little speed can be worse then too much, cars in the slow lane had to jump into the fast lane, he just tipped along the M1 at that speed 🙄

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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