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    Hi girls, please can you all say a prayer for my wee nephew. My sister took him into hospital on Christmas morning as we was a funny colour, and not breathing properly, the little mite has pnemonia (sp?)

    Baby C is only seven weeks old and was born 7 weeks premature, but he was doing great, he is now in the ICU, and has got several different tests done. My poor sister, everything happens to her, and the family is in bits, but trying to keep positive.

    They took him off the ventilator yesterday, but he went downhill so had to be put back on it again. The docs said he has not got any worse, but not got any better either, so they are going to change his anti-biotics to see if that will make any difference. Tomorrow they will also have the results back from the lumber test, and they are also going to do a brain scan to see if there was any damage, when he stopped breathing on christmas morning, so tomorrow we should have more news.

    Wee C got christened yesterday, it was very upsetting, but at the same time my sis is glad that he has been christened. It was so hard seeing a little newborn with all wires, and machines, but we know that it is only helping him get better.

    Sorry for asking, but prayers for the wee man would be very much appreciated.

    Thank you all very much and please pray to God that everything will be ok.


    Oh my God your poor sister and little nephew. He is in my prayers pet please keep us posted on his progress. Thin king of you all.


    My cousin is seriously ill in hospital as well ..I will think of them both and keep them in our prayers..


    Oh you poor things i will say a prayer for you all.
    Stay positive hun xx


    OMG Trixie thats terrible, God my little man is 9 weeks and has a tiny little cold and Im in bits looking at him sick, your poor sister.
    Will keep him in my prayers


    thanks girls so much.

    Libby prayers said for your cousin, hope they will get well soon xxx

    Well there was no change really in him yesterday, the docs changed his anti biotics so we will see if that will make a difference.
    My sis’s hubby was in to see him last night, and gave him a wee kiss on the forehead, and he moved his wee toes, it was like he was letting his daddy know he knew he was there.

    The nurses said he could be like this for up to 2 weeks in the ICU, so all we can do is keep praying for the little man.

    I will let you know if there is any news.




    Oh Trixie, thats terrible, said a prayer for him and hopefully he will be better and home again soon…
    Libby, your cousin is in my thoughts too, said a prayer for him too.


    sorry libby forgot to mention your cousin, prayers for them both.

    Trix that is heartbreaking, the poor little mite


    Thanks, Guys my cousin,

    She is like the cat with seven lifes, she has the big C all over, every art & part of her, but she fights it.. she is a breath of fresh air to all

    Over xmas she had a heart attack and frighten us all… she has great family support and great faith , thats what keeps her alive…

    Really appreciate all the support and prayers..

    Trixiebell ,It is so hard when a child is so sick… The staff are lovely in the ICU especially the baby one , my friend she is in charge of that unit… They are all great the staff there….Speaking from experience…


    only seeing this now hope your nephew is alright trixi say a little prayer for him and libby for your cousin to 😥


    Prayers said for both of you and your sick relatives.


    Hi Trixie,

    Hope your nephew will get well soon 🙂

    tell your sister dont forget to take care of herself too 🙂


    Hi guys

    Things aren’t going well for my cousin…

    They are talking about turning off the machines today..

    Her family are shattered , shocked… It is dreadful.

    I have booked to go to Galway tomorro until Saturday with my kids, something always happens when i plan something…

    :oop 😥


    libby and trixie hopefully the new year will bring something positive for both families…..

    both in our prayers…


    Ah Libby thats very sad about your cousin, after all her battles and fighting for her life with cancer then this happens.
    I will say a prayer for her family, I think its a horrible time of the year to lose someone, worse then any other time of the year

    Trix hope the babs is doing well

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