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    Just mentioning that the breastmilk bank for Ireland (based in Fermanagh) is looking for breastmilk donors – but only mums of babies under six months need apply. Something to do with levels of zinc in the milk.

    The milk needs to be stored in bottles (they’ll supply everything) & generally they’re looking for 12 by 7oz bottles in the space of three months. The bottles can be layered (ie 2 oz, followed by 3 oz, followed by 2 oz over course of day) if not a big milk expresser.

    Regret that I didn’t do with mine & now too late….

    Saw programme on tv recently & a litre (or pint) of breastmilk to buy costs
    over £100. Makes you think….


    I would have donated if I could have. Great idea, especially for sick babies who need all the help they can get.


    I might donate some as I’ve breast feed all my sons so Im no stranger to it 😆 Would you know how to contact them? Not ready yet 😀 , dd not here yet but will be in December so not far off.


    I might do this once I start expressing the odd bottle.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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