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    Anyone looking for ps3 game stop scotch hall is the cheapest by a mile….

    £269 in hmv Newry (300 euro)
    340 hmv drogheda
    299 console and 55.99 for game in xtravision

    Gamestop 299!!!!! Stunning price you buy the console and get the 55euro game FREE

    (Thanks Admin)


    Depending on what your using it for.
    If you plan on using it for gaming a Blu Ray there is a good deal in Xtra Vision today.

    Dark Knight & X-men Blu Ray
    Sony Blu Ray remorte control

    Not sure if they have call of duty but are selling FIFA as the free game which is a great game.

    All for € 350.

    Same deal in HMV Newry though is € 316.


    I did see that but didnt want either xmen or darknight, dh might have wanted them 😆 😆 😆 i was looking at it for the remote but sure it will keep us fit


    Taylor welcome to my world…
    It’s a great place and you’ll never look back, in the Dads thread we started an essential PS3 games list, some very good games mentioned and lot of which you can get 2nd hand around the 20e mark.

    Happy gaming and get your fella to hook up with us soon.

    rcole I meant to ask before are you a gamer, let me know if your into PS3.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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