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    Hello All

    Thought we’d start a PS3 thread, open to anyone interested in PS related issues, new games, classic games, rubbish games and of course trophies.

    Some great PS3 games:
    GTA4 a cracking game, so open and up to the player to decide what way you want to play.
    MGS4 its been a great series, for some the best ever on Playstation, the fourth installment is probably the best (although the first was brilliant and groundbreaking), with great gameplay and a very good story.
    COD4 simply one of the best games ever, the visuals, story, graphics, mechanics of the game everything, best shooter on PS3.
    COD WAW initially it felt more of an add-on to COD4 but having played on Veteran it comes into its own, the online games are excellent, especially nazi zombies!
    Warhawk fun, crazy, annoying, brilliant. The first time I played I thought I’d never crack it, now with over 100hours gameplay I’m delighted I bought it.
    Virtua Tennis 2009 another cracking game, career mode and the mini games are superb.
    PES09 master league and be a legend…utterly addictive, another game you can literally put 100’s of hours into, question to konami what’s with the lobbies online?
    Unchartered Drake’s Fortune again another game that nearly passed me, picked it up in Smyth’s for €15, great feel to the game with excellent shooting and hiding, enjoyed completing Crushing.
    Killzone2 bloody mad, great graphics, superb modes both single player and online but bloody mad!
    Buzz Brain of the World great fun with family & friends, looking at people trying to hit their buzzer first always cracks me up.
    Fallout3 and essential to anyone’s PS3 collection, there’s alot of game in that game but its one of those that you put into your console and enjoy many hours of brilliant gameplay.
    DeadSpace yet another essential to any collection, brilliant game, another that could have passed me but for a good mate who passed it on, delighted I got to play it.

    That’s it for now, many more to talk about, share your games and views

    Everyone needs to believe in something. I believe I’ll have another beer.

    "Chairman Mao has never seen a greater show of red strength."


    Our 6 year old boy love Gran Turismo, they’re currently playing the prologue version, anyone know when the fifth game is out?

    Big fans of PES, although the online play has been questionable, the overall game is probably better than fifa.

    The last two COD games have been excellent, looking forward to the new game.

    Admin, how did you get the signature?


    Your forgetting the fantastic "FIGHT NIGHT" series guys, this years was so far ahead of anything else that has been released this year it was incredible. A truley amazing game.


    By the way, we have a provisional date of the 20th of october for our second swap night in the Bettystown court hotel, bring your games, movies music and swap like for like.


    Thanks moodad, sounds like a great game, have you any other ones you like?


    Getting stuck into Bioshock at the mo. Great game, will certainly get the sequel as well.


    Can’t believe we havent seen FIFA in the list. Really great game, online version is excellent.

    Enjoyed it more than the latest PES.

    Was always a PES man, but gave up on it a bit recently as I thought the 2009 version was rubbish.

    Really enjoyed FIFA 09, have to wonder though is the next installment going to be any better, same with PES how do they improve it ?


    Howya rcole

    I honestly don’t get the FIFA love, I was a fan years ago, had FIFA98 & 99, which I loved but then got into (what was then) ISS, played every version and loved them, admittedly PES08 wasn’t great, felt PES09 improved but I’m delighted with the improvement in PES10…its quality with a wide range goal opportunities, the graphics are greatly improved and Torres is the business, shame North London are rubbish but they’re just replicating real life.

    I got FIFA09 having heard so much about it but I honestly don’t get the hype, you can only score a limited number of goals, the passing is slow and laboured, the players still have that weird wet look and most of the stadiums look the same.
    Every game feels the same, although the online is good and seamless, PES10 has finally caught up online and you can get a good game now.


    Anyone interested in a bit of sofa v sofa in Buzz Quiz World, its a great laugh and even better when your gang beats another one online…


    Never played online Buzz before, must give it a try.

    Have to agree admin like I said was a mad ISS man with the old PS1 and then Pro Evo with the PS2 and Pro Evo initially for the PS3 but got the latest version in London for £20 which was probably a bad sign. And have to say really didn’t enjoy it.

    Because of that really got into FIFA 09, but would be more than happy to go back to PES if the 10 version is any good.


    Yeah PES10 is very good, obviously the licensing is a problem but, to me, the gameplay is far superior to FIFA.

    What games do you currently have? What kind of games to you like?
    You’ll have to join us at one of the swap nights, not sure if we’ll do one this year…if we get enough interest we could try one in a few weeks.

    I currently have Buzz Brain of the World and Buzz Quiz World, if you have either I’d love to hook up and have a few games.

    My PSN is liverpo drop me a line to see if there are other games we can play.


    Yeah no worries, will set you up on the playstation later on, colerf is my playstation ID.
    Have all sorts of games, love car racing and football games, anything really
    have FIFA, Grid, Buzz, Burnout, GTA can’t really think of them all but have a few anyway.
    Yeah would have no problems going to a swap night, shame we will have to do it now when Arsenal are playing. We could be waiting a while for a Liverpool Champions League game.


    Yeah Burnout is a super game, lots of fun and very good to look at.
    I do like car games, played F1CE shortly after launch and GT5 prologue, looking forward to the big brother next year.

    Haha I was waiting for the Liverpool gag, at least we might win a trophy now, it’s been awhile since you lot picked up any silverware.


    Ha, not sure what trophy your planning to win.
    Unless your playing with Liverpool on PES or FIFA think the only thing Liverpool might win this year is a sacked manager.


    I’m Ranked # 2 in Ireland…yipeeee

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