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    Just looking for some feedback from parents who have children of playschool age i.e. over 2yrs 6mths.

    I am in the process of opening a small playschool catering for children over 2yrs6mths. I will be keeping the numbers very small, initially up to 5 children maximum.

    I will be following an early years curriculum which is in line with the Siolta recomendations for early years education. Outdoor play will also play a big part, weather permitting.

    I am looking for some feedback from parents on what they look for or like about playschools they currently use or have used in the past. Whether they have used playschools who cater for a small number of children and how they found these.

    Thanks for any feedback.


    Hi Mummy5 so what would I look for in a playgroup

    (a) The children are happy and seem busy and content.
    (b) The usual stuff. Qualified Staff, the proper ratios of adult to child etc, Recommendations if possible, Facilities are modern and clean / well maintained. Little things like plugs / radiators etc are covered, an outside play area – I know crazy in our weather but they love being outdoors so I think its important
    (c) I love the idea of a smaller group of children as then your guaranteed if you have a quieter or shy child they wont get lost in the crowd
    (d) Meet the boss – I think you learn a lot from the manager if they are professional and treat their staff well and the staff seem happy that is important. Imagine a person miserable in their job looking after your child all day.. every mothers nightmare
    (e) I love the idea of home cooked food, where kids are introduced to a whole range of food and fruit.
    (f) See the results. . Its great when you get the little cards and paintings which they did that day home. At least your involved in what they were doing even if just to hang it on the fridge and talk about how fab it is.

    Hope this helps.

    super minder

    if your looking for help let me know. as i have have same set up pet.

    make sure you have enough insurence , training and time to set up. them all you need are children xxx

    good luck as this year is harder as small playschool dont get free child care places


    Hi Carol C

    Thanks for you help. Mainly what I feel myself. I love the children getting outdoors. Thats one of the big areas I’m investing in. Just in the middle of getting the outdoor area completed. I love to see chidlren playing all the games they do inside but with the benefit of ‘fresh air’. And as the sea is nearly my back garden they will definately get the good sea air.

    I’m hoping to push my playschool on the basis that as I am only taking a small number of children 3-5 I can give them more 1 on 1 attention and work with the children to bring them on. Especially for the younger children who are not at the age for the free preschool place but would benefit from the socialisation and learning from other children of a similar age.

    I’ll let you know how it goes. Thanks again.

    super minder

    good luck pet xxx

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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