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    Hi all,

    Just wondering what age do kids usually start playschool at?

    Do you have to enrol them, years in advance, like the primary school?

    Anyone anyrecommendations?

    I live in Five Oaks but minder in Mornington, so would be interested in both areas.



    Hi Edel, generally children have to be potty trained before they can go to playschool.
    I know with the playschool my DD is in, I only rang in March of last year and I struggled to get the couple of days… so would definitely recommend booking in advance as best you can… or what I was told is book into a couple of places, so at least then you have a place in one.
    Best of luck in your decisions!


    Edel some have age limits of 2 and 10 months and need to be potty trained.

    Im in Five Oaks and ds will attending Mornington preschool playgroup, its in the old school house in Donnacarney. We had an induction night last week and I was delighted with what I saw and heard. I put ds’s name down about 2 years ago and ds just scrapped a morning space due to another child cancelling. I would recommed calling in before the end of June and having a look
    You could ring and book a space and then call at your lesure, the number is 9888600 during playschool hours
    There is a brilliant playschool in five oaks, I could walk around and get the house number if you want, but its is about 50 euro dearer then the mornington one, Mornington is nonprofit and a community run preschool
    Best of Luck


    they say 2 and 9/10 months but especially when toilet trained, my ds will be starting in sept, he’ll be 2 and 9 months and starting toilet training in the next week…..i have him down for mornington playgroup heard great reports about it only got afternoon which i don’t mind about, went to meeting saw the playschool in person and liked what i heard and saw, the yesterday brought ds to meet teachers and see his new school and he didn’t want to leave, i asked the teacher to tell him about using the toilet and no more nappies, so when we got home he told me that he’s use the toilet if he could go to school….but he wants to go, it’ll be great i’ll miss him like mad but he’ll do great……i’ll be like a lost limb….



    Rang Mornington school, they are already enroling for 2011 & i wanted 2010, so i would say i will be lucky to get ds a place but sure we will try. A lot of people seem to like it.

    They also don’t send out enrolement forms, i have to call into get one between 10am -3pm, not very customer friendly. I work full time, so don’t know how they expected me to call in. Anyway, my childminder has kindly offered to call for me.

    That was a great idea to ask the teacher to talk to your ds about toilet training. I must remember that when my ds is at that stage.


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