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    Its great to have a local playpark but one thing I cant get my head around is the amount of young chidren left unsupervised in the park, and by that I mean on their own with no adult.

    Just tonight again a young girl fell and cut herself…I was there with a friend and her children. I saw the girl fall and another young girl bout 10 went over and lifted her up to carry her home! Wasnt sure what to do. If you interfere you could end up in trouble with the parents and yet its so hard to stand back and do nothing. We were talking at home and as my other half said its not so hard for me being a woman but its that little bit more difficult for a man on his own with his children in a playpark.

    He is also worried bout the number of children there with no adult or older sibling….if anything happens its the other parents who are left to deal with it. I feel bit put out that if I go to the bother to bring my children to the playpark and stay with them for safety, why am I also left feeling that if Im the only adult there am I responsible when something goes wrong..!!!!

    I can’t understand in this day and age why any parent would let a young child go play in a playpark on their own….its so risky. I have literally seen children dropped off to play…..and then they are collected later………crazy!

    What do other people think.


    maybe they live beside the play ground


    I’m really surprised that this goes on, I mean everyone out there is so aware of the dangers to young kilds, and not just from physical injury,…imagine if those kids were approached by some weirdo it just doesnt bear thinking about….


    i used to bring mine to the playpark a lot and i used to see these 2 little ones around 5 and 3yrs being dropped there by their mum i guessed and the she drove off and left them for an hour or 2
    everyone else in the park was left to look after them
    don’t know what happened since then
    there is no way i’d leave my children alone for a minute at that age

    Sabrinab 08

    I totally agree, its a joke the little respect some ppl havefor their children specially now adays.. Regardless if they livenear the pk on their house is in the car pk of the park 😯 they should NOT be left unsupervised!! anye sit is very difficult if you should a child unattended and they injure themselves or for that matter injure your own kids!! We tend to travel to dundalk,Ardee and around rather than the one in town as it seems to amuse the kids to have a change but the problem seems to be mostly in town!!


    i don’t agree with it all i think it’s bad form….regardless if you have ayounger child with an older child of even 12yrs looking after the younger, you are a parent not the child and it’s not fair to put all that responsability on the 12yr old….
    as regards dropping off and collecting later that’s a disgrace, i think social services should be called in that case as that’s child neglect…..but what makes me laugh if anything were to happen to the children they’d be the first to sue….

    it’s like (i know totally of subject) but when you see people driving and kids hanging out of the back seats with no seatbelts on, or having the kids sit in front even if going around the corner with no belt on……if you crashed into them and their child was injured or even killed they’d be blaming you that you killed their child where in fact they killed their child before they ever had a crash….it drives me bonkers we’re not back in the 80’s well in some cases we are but i thought people had more respect and care for their children these days……

    rant over


    I have to jump on the bandwagon and agree with you ladies, we stopped using the playground in the town for this v. reason we’ve been going to the adventure park most sundays in ardgillen castle its brillant but unfortunately the last time i was there pushing my little man on the swing a little girl of about 3 came over and was trying to push him from behind and i felt terribly arkward trying to explain to her that she was going to be knocked over by him on the swing, she went from us to another couple who were pushing there little one on a swing and the same thing happened .. this went on for 15 minutes with us all wondering where her mammy or daddy were as she just wondered around!!!!! i mean anyone could of snatched her 👿 .. and low and behold her mother was chatting to a friend on a mobile ,… seriously my son never leaves my sight for a second


    something similar happened us in ashbourne the other day, took E to playground while dh was shopping & this child came over asking to play with her – she was about 7/8 but seemed to be on her own, the playground in ashbourne is kinda onit’s own and there didn’t seem to be anyone with this child at all


    Its just so wrong to leave kids on their own at any age and in particular in a public place…what are their parents thinking of !! 😈 I actually feel really sorry for kids in that situation though too, who are going around on thier own and asking total strangers can they play with thier kids, they must feel a bit lonely and that isnt fair on them, they are onlychildren… 😥


    the thought of leaving j alone in the park wouldnt even entr my head, how do these parents have a conscience, total and utter madness.
    id never leave him in a play centre or anything of the sort to go shopping or have an hour peace, thats what his dad is there for lol


    I have seen a lot of parents doing that. I don’t think it is acceptable at all. I have seen parents on their mobile walking fast ahead as their kid wanders behind them. The parents don’t even turn around to check if the kid is even behind them. Once i had to run after the parent to let her know the kid had walked into a store. I was in total shock and she didn’t seem to care. It was as though this was usual for her 🙄

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