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    If you had a planned c section under public care, did you get the consultant whose care you were under doing the actual operation on the day?

    Thanks a mil



    From what I can gather from friends that have had planned c section,it is luck of the draw,as it could happen that it is their day off or they are on holidays or one friend her consultant was sick. but I believe they do try & be there if they are rostered on.

    Is it happening soon?….


    But – even if you have a private doc, you have no guarantee they will be there on the day either. They could be on leave, with another patients, at the end of a long shift and unable to stick around.

    We went private on our second baby and it was a total waste of money – would never spend on private care for having a baby again.

    Our private doc went on holiday 3 times when I was pregnant – once for almost 6 weeks – and she was not at the birth. She walked in 15 mins after baby came along, checked me over for about 5 seconds and then left. Because all the private beds were full, I was put in a public ward but still got charged the full whack.

    I just could not see where we got any kind of a private service but we still had to pay for it.


    if it’s a planned section and you’re private it will be with your consultant UNLESS they are called away on emergency – my consultant was on leave when i should have had my planned section but we discussed it and postponed it for 3 days – there was never any discussion of someone else doing it.

    i don’t know what the situation is though if you’re public.


    Thanks so much everyone for all your comments – much appreciated.




    I have much the same query on this. I am 6 weeks pregnant with my third child. I went private last time and saw the same consultant for each of my appointments but when the time came to have my baby, the consultant had gone away for the weekend. They do say that at the beginning that if they are not around at the time you go into labour, another consultant will look after you. I ended up having another emergency C-section and, thankfully, all went well in the end. Therefore, I have to have an elective C-section this time around.

    I’m just wondering whether it is a total waste of money going down the private route (I actually just made my first appointment to meet with the same consultant) or would the money be better spent on financing having a third child in the house! In my opinion, it would definitely be a waste if you didn’t get a private room. That’s the one thing I would like, especially after having a section as you are in for about 4 nights although I might just cope with 4 nights of listening to everyone else’s babies as well as my own if it meant saving a large amount of money. Plus, I felt the last time that I was cut off from everyone and never actually got to meet with anyone in the hospital (apart from the midwives).

    Would love to hear your thoughts.

    Many thanks.


    I had elective C-section went public in the Lourdes in Drogheda.
    all went well. Money well saved.
    I prefered having seen many Dr during pregnancy, so at the end if consultant not available due to be call for emergency, many other Doctors knew me and my case.

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