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    Hi there,

    Having a Birthdya party for my two kids next Saturday & they want Pizza, was thinking about ordering it in & looking for recommendations.

    Would have to be somewhere that delivers for 4pm ( a lot of places dont open till later)?

    Anyone recommend somewhere In Drogheda?

    What are Dominos & four star Pizza like?

    Anyone notice any deals/ specials at the moment?

    Thanks in advance.


    Tesco do Mickey & Minnie mouse pizzas and my kids love them – they are quite plain so suit picky kiddies who don’t like a lot of toppings. You could get a few of these and whack them in the oven?

    Not sure about ordering in before 4pm, most places are closed – I am not too keen on most of the pizzerias around Drogheda tbh, if we are getting pizza we usually get it from LIberos in Balbriggan, they make lovely pizza.

    HTH a little and hope the party goes well


    i always get the plain cheese & tomato large pizzas in tesco and a few different toppings & make them up to order & throw them in the oven. I normally do a quarter pizza per child & they are lovely. work out v reasonable as well, I think the pizzas are about 1.80 each and the kids have great fun either ‘putting their order in’ with me or making themup themselves tho this is messier!!


    If they like a few toppings, Staffords do lovely pizzas, you can choose your toppings and either get them to cook them or take them home and stick them in your own oven.


    I ordered from dominos in the end, got a great deal, half price on line. They were delivered exactly on time & was hassle free. Had a big crowd to feed & they all seemed happy.


    I use Dominos all the time, its our Friday treat…. i have mine with a Salad. I find their service faultless and great value with some of the offers

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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