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    We took our children into Pixi Foto 2 weeks ago to get some pics for grandparents for Christmas gifts (and a few for ourselves too)

    When we collected our pics, the lovely Tara gave us some extra bits & bobs so we could have some keyrings with pics of the kids on them and also some Christmas cards!

    They are so cute – I was able to send a card with my children on it to my sister abroad and have cards with them on it for their grandparents and great-grandmother too.

    Lovely idea – very happy with all our pics and these little extras too.

    We went to Pixi Foto Drogheda and my hubby and I very happy with them. Tara, who took the pics of our kids, was so good with them that she managed to get them all smiling and even had our 2 year old holding her hand and letting her pick her up – which is very unusual for our toddler, she is quite clingy to me.

    Definitely recommend, we had a lovely experience with them.



    Still time to book in for anyone who wants to give cute pics as a Christmas gift.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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