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    hi there

    Just seen this playcentre on a website, anyone been there?

    What did the kids think of it?

    Just looking for somewhere different to bring the boys to.



    We have been a few times and the kids love it. It’s on our schedule for this week.

    The big blue slide in the middle is a big hit which doesn’t appear in any of the playcentres in Drogheda 🙁

    The baby are is lovely too. The whole place is nice and bright


    whereabts dundalk is it????????????? 🙂 missyg


    its on the coes road in dundalk, beside the national tile centre


    Been there a few times with J (my little cousins are from Dundalk and have had several parties there)

    Its a grand size and keeps the kids entertained but they only bad thing ill say is that the tables and chairs are out in the middle of the place and the kids run amock around them (ie no barriers to corner them off) and they also serve tea in china tea pots, if thats not a recipe for disaster i dont know what is 🙂

    Other than that its a good spot.


    they have a mother and toddler morning on a tues I see on the paper yesterday, costs 6€, free tea/coffee and drink for kids, might risk it, its a good spot, but with a baby of 6months, couldn’t go and rescue my other ds where he goes god knows where!!! v v v busy at the weekends though esp with birthday parties
    there is also one at JJB sports,dont know what its like though

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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