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    Hi girls,

    As October is Breast Cancer awareness month, every year Labfitness organises a fitness event to help raise awareness and funds for a very worthy cause.

    We have done some crazy stuff over the years…. once i gathered over 70 local women, all with their own pole and we took part in a world record attempt, another year I taught 12 classes, back to back for 12 hours and people attended as many as they wish/could. But the best part is that every time we have raised huge amounts for ABC.

    This year im going for a more sensible and doable approach: a 3 hour long fitness marathon.
    Date: Sunday 17th October
    Time: 11am to 2 pm
    As we have 3 studios, there will be 3 formats to choose from

    1. step
    2. pole fitness and chair dancing
    3. taebo, toning and boxercise

    What we want from you? We need 80 people in total to fill all the spaces. You will choose one of the formats above and you will try to lastthe 3 hours (we will be nice, so our aim is not to kill you, but to make you last the whole session )

    The goal is for everyone to raise 100 euro or more and as an incentive anyone that reaches the 100 euro mark will get a fabulous goody bag, with rugsacks, tshirts, fragances, vouchers….and lots lots more.

    60 places are already full, so if you are interested and want to join me, contact me here or email me at


    I’m in myself (so help me!!)

    As well as this, there will be lots going on in October for Breast Cancer Awareness month so if anyone wants to get involved, PM or reply to Laura.

    many of us have been affected by breast cancer directly or indirectly, so its a good cause for us gals to support


    Sabbi are there any places left?

    I know a few of you girls wouldnt be into doing the 3 hour marathon, but you could always sponser the rest of us girls… I know 4 mt’er doing it
    and myself Taylor5…. we are aiming to get 100euro, it all adds up no matter how small, even if its only 2 or 3 euro ( i know times are tight) pm any of the above names if you want to give to a great charity…… we will post up the pictures as your reward 😆 😆 😆 😆

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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