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    Might not be as exciting a post as you’d have hoped for!!!

    I had an idea, which came to me as I reluctantly started to think about planning my kids’ birthday parties. I have a nightmare every year with this as they have the exact same birthday (will be 3 and 6 this year beginning of Dec), but are three years apart, different genders and at completely opposite ends of the taste scale. I want to do as little as I can get away with in terms of planning and prep a) cos I am useless and b) cos I am taking them away after 4 a surprise trip 4 days somewhere I think they’ll like and have to get ready 4 that as a priority, so…

    "Pimp my party "means I am looking for people in the business of offering venues, catering, entertainment, cakes and something a little diff to go in the party bags to pitch what they can offer here on this thread. You don’t have to publicly quote costs, pm me for that, but I thought it’d be a fun way of everyone getting to know who’s out there providing what for kids’ birthday parties, perhaps a little out of the ordinary or hitherto unpublicized. And a bit of craic too! Any takers?!


    i was looking at this with no glasses and at a glance it looks like " pimp my panties" 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆
    Really need to get new glasses 😯


    Great thread as I am too stuck for ideas’s. Our DS will be the big 1 on Christmas day and I’m finding it tough trying to decide what way to go about santy and birthday. Obviously won’t be having bouncy castle etc on christmas day so might have a ‘fun day’ in the Summer instead with bouncy castle, face painting etc. Am I mad? I really want to mark the occasion without going overboard. I’m hesitant on having a tea party for him over the Christmas period too in case it turns into an adults party IYKWIM.
    So any ideas’s, tips from other christmas day parents woulod be really welcome!!


    wow, a christmas day baby, thats fab! think you’re right about the summer fun day later on. but u could just mark the day with cake candles etc and small pressie from u later on after the santa pressies are done and dusted. its a tough one. but hes’s so small now it should be ok, wait till he’s older thats when the fun will start!


    or you could play pass the parcel – small children seem to love tearing the paper off gifts more than playing with the actual gifts!!


    hi there beamam ,i too am born christmas day but im hitting 30 this xmas ..but i remember when i was a kid i wished my birthday was in the middle of the year,it would have been nice to get presents twice a year like everyone else. so i like your summer idea…i like it when my birthday present were give separate from xmas 1 ,some people used to hand me 1 present & say happy BDAY & XMAS ….and i hate the 1 big present idea…….when i got older my parents started to give me my bday present on christmas eve…..


    As well as 2 kids’birthdays on 6th Dec, dh birthday also on 15th Dec and HE even used to get "one big present" even tho it actually 10 days before Xmas! He always hated it, and also hates the fact that now as an adult, cannot go anywhere to celebrate birthday cos ecerywhere decked out for, and menus geared towards Xmas.

    So he turned himself into the queen. Not A queen , or even QUEEN, you understand, but HRH, who has two birthdays every year. We just have a little quiet mini celebration at home on 15th Dec so kids can do cake, candles etc, but he, I and all the grown ups celebrate his "official" birthday 6 months later on 15th June. And he has the same no the following June, iykwim, ie, he’ll be 36 this year, so next June15th 2010, we will be celebrating his 36th birthday.

    Any suggestions for my parties yet? Starting to fret, only 2 weeks away…


    my ds is 10th dec and again so close to christmas, we had his 1st birthday at home with the family so was more on an adult birthday but nonetheless it marked his first year here…

    every year since we’ve gone away fro his birthday, we would go to london to see santa in Harrods and then go for something to eat we would make his birthday a whole weekend of things for him, and i suppose us too….
    and then have a cake on his birthday day with grandparents…..

    this year we’re not going to london as with babog no.2 here and also the fact the friends we would stay with now live in the middle east so we’re going there instead…..eh yeah right…..

    seriously we’re gonna do a few things…1 visit the firestation, then bring him to play, and then another week we’ll bring him to the planetarium in armagh, and the few days before christmas he’ll go visit santa in causey farm….so dec for us is usually a big birthday celebration for him and christmas all rolled into one…i also send letteres to him from santa and the elves and a little happy birthday note, and he loves that…
    as it all adds to the magic…



    I got lovely reindeer food down at the market stalls at Scotch Hall last week, its like an animal feed in a little bag with glitter, i know they were sold out but will have more this week…. great idea
    We will be going out to Newbridge house to feed the reindeers this year… glitter an all

    bagel bar

    hi HJs

    we would be delighted to host a party for your children, we could have the toys and play area ready for you. and we can offer a great selection of goodies for the kids, sandwiches, muffins, cakes et al. we could also throw in goodie bags with vouchers for the parents for free coffees. just drop me a line if your interested and im sure we could arrange a great party for you.

    The Bagel Bar


    Piniatas, anyone, any ideas?

    Sabbi, didn’t u have one for dd2 this year? Last year? And didn’t you do an article?

    Lemme know anyone with any info, ta…


    I’m a Mom of 2 with a teenager who will be 15 in March and a toddler who will be 3 on 11th December, so don’t talk to me about age differences, lol… and I’m only starting to get a handle on the December Birthday thing, up until this year I thought I could forget about Christmas until after DD’s Birthday to disasterous consequences two years on the trot! This year I’m getting prepared…..

    I have a Registered Home Bakery and I make/decorate celebration and novelty cakes. Here is a link to my web album


    If you are looking for something a little different for your party I might be able to add something to it, matching cakes to the theme. Sarah is big into Timmy Time at the minute so I think that we’ll be having a sheep theme at our party this year and I’d love idea’s of how you would run that through the party goodies etc.


    Now we’re getting somewhere!

    Great link, Sparkleycake, I love your work!

    Dd mad into horses (aren’t they all at some stage?) so guess, as she wants a horse pinata also (see my previous post), that could end up being the theme!

    Any more for any more?


    pinatas there was a girl here that made them ruth was her name but you can buy them in the party shop in heatons smyths also do them, fill them with sweets and little toys etc again you can buy a bag of favours for cheap in the party shop…

    reindeer food taylor i’ve been doing that for the past few years, easy peasy, and well the reindeer love it too they like the way their poo sparkles….lol…


    ‘www.pinataspinatas.com’ have a great selection and are made locally for all occasions. they go down a treat for home or otherwise parties.

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