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    DW got a call earlier that she missed from +239 9890135.

    I usually google the number to see if there is any info and found loads of Irish mobile phone owners had got the same. Those that answered said it sounded like two women talking in a foreign language and they hung up. Of those that returned the call, some were told it was barred and some got charged about 6 euro for a 30 second call. So if you get a call from similar number (one person reckoned it’s an island near Ghana!) don’t answer it or try to call it back!


    thanks! I got a call from this number on my work phone on Wednesday night & rang back a few times. God knows what my bill will be like, better warn the job!!


    Perhaps call your phone company and tell them, so they will not charge you for the calls. If its a scam, surely they should be blocking such calls and not letting their customers have to figure it out and deal with it ❓ ❗


    I never ring missed calls back…. if they want to get me they will ring back!!! Thanks for the tip i will warn others, God 6e per call


    I got a call today from the same country code but different number, i rang back thinking maybe it was a call center regarding my application for a job.And no it was porn!! Don t know how much they charged me, but not 6 euro anyway. Feck, I hate that. Another reason not to get your child a mobile phone.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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