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    my dd has a phobia about dogs – When she was younger a big dog jumped up on her buggy.

    At the beach yesterday she was screaming and crying when a dog came near her.

    We cann’t have a dog for Medical reasons.. other than that we would have got one.

    we introduced her to my sil dog, she was ok with him, but he is tiny and lives in Wicklow.

    She is only 7 and it is frightening looking at her. What can we do???


    Oh I know its not easy a childhood friend of mine was like this and would you believe all her shouting and screaming would attract the dogs, she ran out under a car to get away from a dog!!!!

    I seen on ireland am a child getting hypnotheriphy to get over this and it worked
    Good luck


    Hi libby,

    i remember last time when i brought my dog for a walk near the estates area,
    on my way i saw a little girl she was so terrified seeing me with my dog she was screaming and crying….
    so i asked ther sister why is she so afraid?
    she told me previously the girl has been bitten by some stray dogs before..
    i slowly introduce her to my friendly dog and i guide her to pat my dog gently..
    you wont believe it she actually manage to overcome her phobia of dog….

    and before i left she came to me and say Can i pat your dog again? 🙂

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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