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    hi all,

    Has anyone got anything to say about local petrol prices on the rise again?

    I am writing an article about it for a local Drogheda paper and want to know how the increasing prices is affecting you all.

    if anyone has any thoughts on this,, please reply here or PM me.



    its not the petrol prices so much as i dont go through that much even with a commute to balbriggan every day ( about €30 pw) its the rise in my gas and esb bill!!! i mean my gas bill costs are similar to what they were during the winter months last year which i find ridiculous!!!!!

    I can see the petrol prices having an effect on taxi fares and bus prices myself, which is really unfair but i do understand that taxi men have to make a living but surely bus eiraenn/dublin bus are making enough pprofit to sustain there prices as they are now?


    I agree with YM. But I would go further and say that food is going to skyrocket too. That is a big area that we in my family are going to cut down on. The kids won’t be happy, but tough, I buy so much unnecessary junk anyway. I think I could cut my food bill by at least 30% and the kids would be better for it.

    I don’t drive that much and could certainly walk a bit more. It’s not far into town and I love the exercise.

    Also. in the UK they are predicting 40% increase in fuel costs for this winter…that must mean us too! A lot of old people will be suffering 🙁

    What is happening to the world lately?? Some very rich people somewhere…but they don’t live at my address 🙁


    If the gas goes back up I wont be able to afford to pay my bills, last year some of my gas bills were 400 or more, God could you imagaine a 40% raise 😯
    My mam has Oil and a 1000 ltr fill is now costing nearly 1000 euro, it was always only about 400 or so, she doesnt know what to do


    Now because of the petrol, ESB is going up by 30% soon according to yesterdays paper and thats on top of the coming Gas hike with is also coming in the next few months.

    The middle class will get poorer and the already poor will go further into debt!

    I don’t see any sign yet that things are sometime going to improve not matter how hard I look.


    I wonder when it will all stop – I mean it has to at some point, things are becoming excessive…. and with petrol, diesel, esb, gas, and food going up – there is much allowance for cutting back on them – they are very much a necessity.


    Hi Siobhan, My rant is regarding the huge discrepancy in the price per litre in the stores, it’s outrageous to be 6-8c higher in certain stations. I cannot understand why this is not regulated or how these businesses are not named and shamed? Kate.


    there is a place in dublin on the quays that charges stupid price way more than anywhere else……i agree that garages should be all made to display the same price, example near us there is a garage and a single pump guy just down the road from one another and there’s a few cents between them, the single pump guy is the better price……i usually top up in top oil in drogheda cheapest place unless anyone else knows where…’s mental though……so glad not commuting, i spend the same on what i used to fill the car for a week to dublin as i’d use now in about 3 weeks or so depending


    Ok confession time 🙁
    I am one of these mad people who will drive 10 miles to get cheap petrol 😳
    My fav. place is off the Donore Road near Kangaroo Klub. Cheapest place in Drog!


    Thank god I dont have to commute earlier in the year it cost me about 60euro now its costing me nearly 80euro 😯 But a fill would do me about 3 weeks or more.
    The reason why some garages charge more is the cost they buy their fuel, some petrol stations are owned by the supplier Ie Maxol, Top or Esso. For example they sell their Fuel for 131.9 but when selling to the independant service station they could charge up to 127.9 per ltr so some service stations can make as little as 3 cent a ltr…… that is soooo wrong. I know a guy with 2 stations and he said he makes his money from the forecourt shop rather then the fuel
    Do you still get to use the discount card in the top service station? I think you got an extra 3 cent off the price at the pumps


    i use top all the time too. taylor you cant (unfortunately) use the discout card anymore. i cant understand people using the maxol on the donore road when it is dearer than top which is really only a few hundred metres away from maxol. i think if people bycotted the more expensive ones then they would be forced to lower their prices.


    Ive always shoppped about for petrol prices, its something Conor Falknan (sp) from the AA has always encouraged


    A little off subject but at one stage AppleGreen was cheap – but I (personally) found the staff so bloody rude that it was too much aggrevation to shop there!!!


    I would use Applegreen the one of the left heading southbound and the staff are always nice, but I did notice that you never see the same staff twice

Viewing 14 posts - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)
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