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    Hi There,

    Thinking about putting my ds in this creche but would like to hear from parents who have children there or did go there?

    I do know one lady who has her ds is in monterssori there but my ds will be in full time creche there, so it is different.

    If you have an opinion, good or bad, please pm me.

    God, sometimes it is so hard to know what to do for the best, when it comes to your children, i am constantly worrying about it. I just really want the best for him as i’m sure every mother does?


    I know a few people who had kids in creche and then onto monterssori in Bryanstown and I’ve never heard a bad word said about them, I did go down a few weeks ago to look at them for playschool for ds, I did like it but choose another place as he would have been in the same class as a neighbours child that im not too keen on……. Oh that sounds terrible 😳 😳 😳


    MaryE my DS1 went there for 3 years and now my ds2 is in the one in William Street.

    They are brilliant, and I would totally recommend them.

    if you have any questions, pls ask 🙂


    My daughter is there 3 full days, montessori in the morning and pre school in the afternoon. The staff are great, I would recommend it without hesitation.


    Hi There,

    Thank you for your replies.

    They have a place for my ds in the wobblers section, starting in the new year, so going to see it next Wednesday.

    1. Is there stuductured play? Do staff interact with the kids/ give them enough attention or do they play by hemselves mostly?

    2. what do you think of the food? is it prepared on the premises?

    3. What about behaviour management? I’m a little worried about this.

    My ds is so good & happy, eats & sleeps really well & i know that i am blessed. He is a real smiler & loves mess playing & adults love him but the few times he has mixed with kids it hasn’t been such a good reaction.

    He is always thrilled when he gets to play with kids & gets real excited but For some reason he wants to touch them, feeling their hair, putting his hand in their mouth, touch their face, giving them a awkward/clumsy hugs etc & not surprisingly other kids don’t like that & usually end up belting him or running away crying. This has happened a good few times at his weekly playgroup, doctors waiting room or with his cousins – apart from that he is usually with adults.

    I’m just so worried that the creche will be a disaster because the other kids wont like him & he will get himself killed or be in trouble all the time.

    I am hoping that the creche will sort out his lack of proper social skills & he will stop putting himself in this position – what do you think?


    hi mary E, yes the staff interact in play and they do loads of great art work, and little keepsakes!! I still have all of ds since he was there 😳

    As far as I can remember, their food is prepared onsite, and menus change fron week to week. Never had a problem with the food, healthy menu.

    Sure it will take a few days to settle in, but im sure that he will fit right in with the other kids 😆

    I was worried when my ds started, as he was very shy, and the creche brought him out of himself, he loved it there.

    My DS2 is now in Peter Pan william street and he also loves it!

    Good Luck!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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