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    Hello Everybody, I got a very interesting query while working this week and thought i would share a few bits of good advice that often get overlooked while dealing with a particular nasty little pest which is becoming quite aggresive at this time of year and that pest is……WASPS!!!!

    Since we are now approaching the end of the Autumn, Wasp nests are getting quite large, and if you have one in your attic, this can be quite a worry and (literally) a pain in the, ahem, neck! Unless you know what you are doing, please do not attempt to remove a wasp nest from the attic, the most common cause of injury and death associated with wasps is not being stung but plunging straight thru the ceiling because the person paniced and tried to make a run for it accross the beams. A couple of simple rules to follow are…..

    1. Wasps are least active early in the morning or late in the evening.
    2. NEVER go up a ladder to deal with a wasp nest, if things go wrong, you will find yourself in serious trouble twelve feet up in the air.
    3. Wasps are not stupid, if you try to dive into water to avoid them like donald duck does, they will just wait for you.
    4. Please do not carry a torch into a wasp infested, pitch dark attic, its like a bull to a rag, they will just swarm around it.
    5. Unless you want to install a sky light in your attic, do not get into an attic with no flooring, if you get into trouble and come thru the ceiling the odds are you are going to hurt yourself and still have a nest of angry wasps to deal with, its not fun.

    Remember, if you have any questions or problems and need advice, contact me here or at 085 2860041 and remember that when it comes to wasps, safety first!

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