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    Something that you should all remember now that we are coming into the colder weather, Rats and Mice love our homes, they have evolved over time to live around us and on what we eat, so before you start looking for little holes and cracks that those pesky little critters use to get into your home, remember, most rodent infestations COME STRAIGHT THRU YOUR FRONT OR BACK DOORS. So if doing the garden, putting the bins out or anything else, CLOSE THE DOOR.

    Contact me if you have any questions here or at 0852860041.


    i know ur in the business but u sound just like my mam haha and me now for that matter!!! i roar at my ds to close the doors!!! there are no holes outside in my house at all and im sooooo fearful of mice u have no idea.

    glad to know there is someone on this site to contact if i do get them, being a single parent living with my son id move out of the house if i seen one!!! hope u keep a check on this site regularly just in case i need you 🙂

    oh question……do those plug in things really work??as i have them plugged in in nearly every room in my house??


    hi yummy,

    i’m not an expert but like you im terrified of mice and had those plug ins last winter: i dont think they work at all! imagine my surprise when i was running down the stairs one day to discover a mouse running up!! i’m not joking i though the world was ending. i baracaded(sp) myself and dd upstairs until dh came home. it took four days and lots of chocolate melted onto traps to catch the bugger! i’m not joking when i say i was a prisoner in my own home!


    Hi yummymummy and missymum, Thanks for asking and the answer is that unfortunatly despite all the great advertising that is carrried out by companies such as JML, there is NO EVIDENCE AT ALL that these sonic yokies work, if they did, i would have no job!!! The best that you can hope for is a few days grace as the noise may dis-orientate them and drive them away but they will return when they get used to it or worse still(and i have seen this happen) it increases their activiy and ends up driving you completely barmy, so keep your few quid, buy some break-back traps and have enough money left over to treat yourself to a night at the movies while the traps do their thing.

    P.S.- peanut butter works much better than chocolate for mice.

    any other questions, feel free to ask!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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