Personalized Bobblehead

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    If you still not able to find any style you like from our great selections, you can have your fully customized bobblehead from head to toe. Forever Collectible Bobbleheads, Choose the theme, set the background, customize the dress and color and you have a completly customized Bobblehead just for you. Please be specific for the size. Normal bobblehead are 7" tall.

    Fully Customized Head to Toe Bobblehead gifts. Provide photos, drawings etc and we will completely hand sculpt it from hair, face, clothings…. all the way to shoe and color it to match your photo.

    The Fully Customized Head to Toe Couple custom bobblehead is for those that are looking to design the entire character from the ground up. We will be able to match colors, and provide an accurate character hand sculpted from photos and drawings you provide us.

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