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    Marshes now has a Personal Stylist – Image Consultant Caroline McElroy.

    Caroline McElroy is the owner & director of Make Yourself Amazing Image Consultancy, and is the leading Style & Image Consultant in the North East.

    Caroline has over 10 years experience in the industry, is a qualified fashion stylist, former model and is a trained nurse. Caroline is based in Blackrock, Co Louth yet travels extensively to meet with her clients and their individual needs. All of the services provided are of the highest professional standards, private and strictly confidential in a fun and relaxed atmosphere. Caroline is the fashion editor of the weekly paper the ‘Dundalk Leader’ and also the ‘style spy’ for the North East’s leading glossy Magazine ‘Styles & Beauty’.

    Visit Caroline’s website at

    Call Marshes now on 00353 (0) 429395250 to book your FREE appointment with Caroline.

    FREE Service with no obligation to purchase. Enjoy!


    And for the fellas…..if they need any help picking the ideal gift for their partner, wife or even their Mammy, Caroline offers a shopping service were she helps Marshes shoppers find the perfect gifts for loved ones.


    Well, I took the plunge and went to see the Marshes personal stylist, Caroline, on Sunday. I did not really know what to expect but have to say, it was a lovely experience.

    I had a chat with her about what I was looking for (a dress for day wear, fancy but not too fancy and a dress for a special night out I’ve got coming up – fancy and funky!). I had a modest budget and asked her not to go above 50 quid on any dresses she helped me pick and try on. She asked me some questions about my size etc before we met and when we got started, I realised she had already been around the shops and had put items aside for me.

    When we walked into the shops, Caroline was known by the staff and they were so quick to smile at me and help us carry the items to the changing rooms and offer us assistance.

    I tried on loads of clothes, dresses, tops, skirts – loads and many kinds that I would not have picked out myself.

    She had me all sorts of colours and fabrics and she knew how to work with my big bust and short legs to make me look my best.

    After trying on lots of dresses, I finally picked two that I just loved. I felt comfortable in them and they looked great on. Caroline agreed that these were the best of the lot so I got both of those. They both came from River island were 40 euro each.

    I was delighted with myself, I felt so special the way the staff treated me and the way Caroline looked after me.

    This is a completely free service provided by Marshes for their customers and I cannot recommend it highly enough.

    Really well worth doing. Especially if you don’t know which colours and styles best suit your shape and skin tone. I enjoyed it so much.

    I plan to do it again next year and work on getting some casual looks together.

    It was a bit like off the rails without the cameras – for me and anyone shy about their lumps & bumps, its perfect!! 😀

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