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    I just wanted to introduce myself, my name is Lisa and I run a business called The Jewellery Tree which specialises in handcrafted personalised silver jewellery. Please take a look at the website [url:38se738f][/url:38se738f] to see some examples of what we do.

    In a nutshell we make bespoke hallmarked silver jewellery with your childs fingerprint, hand or footprint or even a drawing captured in it. Pieces include charms, charm bracelets, pendants, cufflinks, keyrings, bookmarks and even phone charms.

    Prices start at €30 for a fingerprint charm.

    Great gift ideas for christenings, mums, dads, grandparents, birthdays, weddings, communions and more.

    Turnaround times are approx 2-4 weeks, and all items come in beautiful presentation gift boxes.


    I had a look at your website…. and the items are really lovely…..
    Just so that I can clarify for my own info….
    If I were to purchase a medium size charm, with the names and fingerprints of my two children on…. what would the cost be?



    A medium charm with a fingerprint and name on it is €30 so for the 2 it would be €60, plus €10 postage – postage charges include the cost of postage and packaging for the fingerprint kit, and pre-paid postage to return your fingerprints and for your finished item. The finished items come in gorgeous presentation boxes.

    Hope that helps, feel free to give me a call on 086 1271441 if you’d like to talk through your requirements or to place an order.

    One last thing, I take payment via paypal which allows you to use a credit card or your own paypal account.

    Kind Regards


    he he love it, i mailed the girls the other dayref this wanting to organise a little get together, my b-day coming up so maybe a few of us one morning could get together if interested and have a goo…my dh is treating me, afterall i’m worth it…x


    Hey scole1, I’m in Dublin but if there were enough of you I could come up to Drogheda with samples ofmy jewellery and kits to take fingerprints or hand/footprints.

    Sure let me know, I can do Thursdays or Fridays.


    that’s great cool….most likely would be bettystown area…will be in touch for sure, it’s something i really want so if there was a few more interested would make it worth your trip…..


    That’s grand, just drop me a line whenever and we can arrange it.


    Thanks for your reply…. I was actually meaning that I’d like both names and prints on one charm…… is that a possibility?


    Ah, well to get 2 fingerprints and 2 names onto one charm would mean having to make it a large one just to fit everything on. Also it’d depend on the length of the names max of 7 letters.

    So for 1 charm with 2 fingerprints and names is €45 + p&p €10. What are you thinking of having the charm for? Is is a bracelet or to hang as a pendant? I can do double sided medium charms but they have to be thicker so to do that (i.e. 1 fingerprint and name on each side) costs €50

    I think one of the girls on here Scole1 is trying to organise for me to come up on a friday morning to Bettystown Court, so if you decide to come along then I can go through options with you. No date set yet, but hopefully in the near future.

    If you want to give me a call to go through things that’s grand – the number is 086 1271441


    Thanks Lisa…. thats perfect. I would be one of the girls attending at Bettystown… so we’ll have a chat then! 😉



    For anyone who is interested in maybe seeing my jewellery I will be doing the following wedding fairs so if you wanted you could come along and take a look and even have your children’s fingerprints/handprints etc. taken there and then.

    Sunday 7th Feb – Carnegie Court Hotel, Swords 2pm-6pm
    Sunday 28th Feb – Castleknock Hotel & Country Club 1pm-5pm
    Sunday 7th Mar – Dunboyne Castle Hotel, Dunboyne 1pm-5pm

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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