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    A bit of advise please…

    Im due my first baby in 4 weeks and im not sure whether to wax or shave…i know there are a lot of mums on here….lol.. :D what do you think and which worked better for you… :? :?
    Its something thats really bothering me and i just dont know what to do for the best and when to do it…im a disaster :oops: :oops:

    thanks for the advise ladies..


    Only 4 weeks left – wow that flew in, so happy for you that all is going well. As for getting ready, when the time comes, you may not care that much tbh as you’ll be focused on other things! 😆 😆

    Here’s my experience if it helps – when I had my first baby I shaved my legs, (could not wax, too painful at best of times but even more so when pregnant for me), I tidied up my bikini line (as best I could because I could not actually see it) and I got my hubby to paint my toenails because I could no longer reach. I was all preened and ready for the hospital but to be honest, once it all kicked off, I could not have cared less about any of that.

    On my second, third and fourth babies, I don’t think I bothered with any of that stuff. I had a shower when my water’s broke so I was clean heading to hosp and I had my hair cut a few weeks before my due dates but aside from that, I was not too worried about the grooming.

    Not sure if that helps but best of luck getting ready for all the excitement. Not long to go now….very excited for you!


    Oh brings back memories- On my first i started getting contracions so I had a shower,shaved my legs did my tan,hair & nails then went into hospial 😆 😆 after all that it still didnt make the birth an easier 😆 😆

    On my second I was been induced so I had a day to get ready had a shower and i put some tan onbeacuse im very pale naturally that was abt it!

    On my third which was only 6 months ago I had a shower that morning (not out of want cause I had to ) I was in bed for nearly a week with a vommiting bug & high blood pressure! I had an appointment in the hospital that day just for a check up & was rushed down to delivery ward cause i was at to developing pre eclampsia ! so no grooming was done for that babies arrival !! 😆 😆

    as for the bikini line i didnt touch it for 9 months on any of them its the only time your going to get away with it & believe me when labour gets going you dont care how bad your forest has overgrown!!! 😆 😆


    my skin reacts badly to waxing so having it is for me – i did keep up the grooming on both my pregnancies. I was in hospital for a week before having dd1 and on the friday morning i was told i was going to be induced that evening – i did have shower and tidy up and I was glad i did as ended up in an emergency section but i didn’t need any further tidying up by the nurses 😉 Then on dd2 i was a planned section i had sunburnt legs and was mortified that i stupidly burnt my legs at 40weeks pregnant so didn’t care bout my grooming 😆 😆
    I’d say each to their own do what ever your comfortable but at the end of the day the nurses are well used to it – best of luck in the coming weeks x


    it just occurred to me that perhaps you are not talking about your legs but instead a more private area?? 😳 😳


    Ladies im here laughing away…sabbi your right not long now but it feels like an age away…

    I did try and have a little tidy up today but oh my god its hard with this massive belly to go anywhere south… 😆 😆 I’d say it all looks like something from the chainsaw massicre…haha

    The thoughts of waxing is killing me cause i hate the regrowth and the pain that comes with it.. 🙄

    i know the nurses are used to seeing it all but to be honest im more thinking of my poor dh…im a bit proodish but i suppose thats something i need to get over and fast..sure hes gonna want to have a good look when its all happening and the baby is making his entrance… 😉 😉

    but thanks for the advice ladies, i really do appreciate it…hugs and kissis to all…yyayayyy, nearly there


    Chickpea….. sooooo close…. YAY!!!!

    All I can say is… when you are in the throes of labour, you won’t give a continental who sees what. When I was in labour with my first I would quite cheerfully have attacked myself with a pair of gardening shears to get him out. There could have been 20 people in there with me at the time, and it wouldn’t have made one iota of a difference…

    As regards shave / wax etc…. I had both of mine in Donegal… did a wee tidy before hand… but that was about it… some Consultants there preferred shaved… whereas the others didn’t care. The nurse / midwife will see that what has to be done, is done. If you were having a section, then the preparation would be done by the staff etc.

    Re you DH…. I can promise you now that if he wants in on the action, and to watch baba arrive… he isn’t going to be bothered either way…. he is going to be totally 100% in awe of the miracle that he gets to be a part of….

    Go with the flow hun…. relax…. savour the last couple of weeks, treat yourself well, and before you know it, you’ll be snuggling your little bundle! x


    Chickpea you will soon loose your inhibitions – every shred of dignity goes out the window having a baby 😆 😆 Then after they have finished with your bits down south – they ravage ur boobs 😆 😆 When i had my first and was b/feeding i literally didnt close my nightdress – boobs a kimbo – airing them when she wasnt attached to them – dignity what dignity 🙄 Have a shower and do what you would normally do – or as much as you can reach – and leave it at that – they have seen it all before 😳


    paint your toenails or get someone to do it if you can – at least when you are in the height of it, you’ll have something nice to look at!! 😆 😆 😆

    As for being prudish, thats totally natural – lots of women wonder if their hubby will look at them differently after birth – if you want him to stay up near your head at times just ask him, he will want you to be comfortable!

    Now as for the last few weeks – try to get some reflexology done, its amazing at helping your body relax and get ready for birth.

    and if you haven’t read it, highly recommend Tracy Donegan’s ‘The Better Birth Book’ its so fab for getting you in the right frame of mind for birth.

    I am so happy for you – it took such a long time for you to get here but you are nearly there, nearly holding your baba!

    Please keep us posted and if you need any advice about anything over next few weeks just ask – nothing is taboo on here!!


    Thanks ladies….

    I am sure i wont care when im in the throws of everything but at the moment i really have too much time to think about things…i started my maternity leave today and i just hope i dont get bored..I just hope i dont go over by 2 weeks 🙁

    But im prepared to go with the flow hahaha as if i have any other option..ah well..we will have our little boy soon enough..

    Defo going to have reflexology though sabbi, i just love having that treatment done..must book a couple of sessions now..

    ill keep you all posted…


    On my first, I was going in to be induced, so I shaved the legs and tidied the bikini area.. the day before I went in for a pedicure and got my toe nails painted, so they would be nice to look at when I was pushing! But DD ended up as a section, so they had to shave the top of my bikini line and also take off my nail polish!!!! I was disgusted at that lol!

    On DS, I had intentions of doing the tidying, but was tired the night I had intended, and of course I went into labour! He was born naturally, and I think only when I was on the way in to the hospital did I think about not having tidied, shaved etc.. but while in the hospital it didn’t matter one bit!


    Hee hee.

    I usually get a leg wax and pedicure a couple fo times before I go in, but haven’t managed it yet – for myself rather than for labour. Seriously, nobody is looking at that stage

    That said I’m 34 weeks now and hate waxing in the other area. Shaving in a no no as can hardly get down there. Try Veet & a large tilting bathroom mirror to keep things in check!

    But don’t stress about it – in the throes a busload of Japanese tourists could arrive with camcorders & you wouldn’t even notice!



    pookie hope to god the tourists dont come..haha there will be no video recording of the event…haha…so your due the end of feb, im due on valentines day…may meet you there. 😀

    To be honest guys i have been that uncomfortable the last couple of nights and sleeping so little at the moment i dont care but i do..i just have no energy..aahhhh just looking at an add for no no..should have gotten that..
    😆 😆 😆
    im on an antibiotic with a chest infection so as you can imagine i couldnt give too hoots… 🙁 .


    Not due till start of March, Chickpea, but who knows – you go over, I go early, we could be roomies! 😀

    Have been looking at that nono yoke myself. Local pharmacy have it for sale & the girl on the counter bought one & has given it the thumbs up. Am termpted, but is a lot of money….

    Am uncomfortable too – my little one is wildly active. It is like a blooming tsunami inside some nights – but as long as all stays healthy! PM me if any action!

    But seriously, I’d concentrate more on a facial – you want to look good in all those proud new mammy photos. Not like me – I live in hope, but I looked like death warmed up for the last three,panda rings, the lot. And I stayed that way for the next six months! 😆


    so exciting girls not long left for either of you ladies

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