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    My friend went to the doctors yesterday to discover she was 5 months pregnant. She said she didnt know because she was still having her monthly period… I’m a little skeptical about this as ive never heard of it. but can it happen?
    She wants to give the baby up for adoption and i will support her on this 100%..


    yep can happen. My friends sister went into hospital there a while ago with pains in her stomach only to find out she is in slow labour 😯 She now has a beautiful little boy.

    Wish your friend all the best with her decison


    Yes, my grandmother had a period for the first five months of her last pregnancy and didnt know she was pregnant and that was a long time ago so it can happen..


    My mam had 6 kids and on 2 she had a period like bleed for months, my neighbour also knew she was pregnant but still had regular bleeding through out the whole pregnancy.

    A neighbour of my Aunt called to her door one night in a panic (they live in the country) the daughter was only 16 and roaring in pain in the bathroom….. my Aunt ran up and in seconds figured out she was having a baby, the baby had crowned (think thats the name) and was delivered well before the Ambulance arrived.
    For the record this child was put up for Adoption, the girl went onto finish her studies and then went to Trinity Collage, she is now a Doctor and got married 2 years ago, they dont have any regrets about the choice they made


    A friend of mine gave her babyu up for adoption last year, she is quite young and was not ready to be a mum and now the baby is very happy with a family and she sees him a few times a year. It is an open adoption where she will have contact with him but he is adopted legally by the parents who are raising him.

    In some ways I think its better that its all in the open because another friend of mine is adopted and she kept it a secret most of her life and it haunted her. Really impacted on her, she felt different somehow and ashamed and did not want to talk about it or acknowledge it.

    So Suzie if your friend is really unsure about raising the baby herself, she has options and if she decides to put the baby up for adoption, she may still be able to see the baby while he/she is growing up, through an agreed open adoption, if she chooses that.

    Hope she is ok and getting the support she needs at the moment.


    Hi Suzie,

    Stumbled by this thread by accident and felt I needed to reply. I am a social worker and deal in adoptions. If you want some info for your friend PM me, there is lots of support for her out there especially at this stage of pregnancy.

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