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    Ever wanted to get the ‘PERFECT PAIR OF JEANS’ for you?

    This Friday evening – by invitation only – Jean Jeanius will be at Marshes Shopping centre, Dundalk. They will measure you in their special pod and recommend the perfect jeans for you, to suit your budget.

    For an invitation to this exclusive event, which is by invite only and includes drinks & nibbles, email us @


    This event was a brilliant. I got my body scanned and spoke with teh stylist and with her advice, went and bought a pair of jeans that are really good on me and hide what I need to hide.

    Think lots of jeans were purchased because the shop where I got mine had run out of bags! Was also very happy with the goody bags, mocktails, chocolate snacks and bagels too. it was good fun, would recommend.


    I’d say this was great, would have loved to have made it down!
    Hopefully they will do it again as I badly need a pair of good fitting jeans!


    A few of us went down and it was brilliant, got 2 fab pairs of jeans and fell in love with the Marshes!!

    I got an email today, you can get a bespoke pair of jeans made up from the body scan, very tempted as the price was soooo good!!!


    How much?

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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