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    Hi all,

    I’m looking to get a patio laid in the back garden and was wondering if anyone has bought patio slabs that were good value in the Louth/Meath area.

    Also has anyone got a patio laid recently and were happy with the results- ie both price and quality of the work. We don’t have a huge budget but need somewhere for our wee man to run about, so we want to get it done fairly soon,

    thanks all.


    We got our slabs from Cambpell building supplies on the Ballymakenny Road, friend put them down for us, but I’m sure Campbell’s or wherever you buy them will recommend someone to fit them.


    I did this last year… went up to Oldbridge Cement…. and asked to see their patio seconds….
    Basically full patio for half the price…. mine looks perfect… you’d never know it was a second.

    Not sure about who to lay it…. my hubbie did ours…. DIY…. basically got instructions off the web, and saved ourselves the labour, and he did a great job. Perhaps you know someone who could do the same?


    we got slabs also from old bridge cement, they were great and very helpful, they have notices on their board for people to fit

    we fitted ourselves, you just need to level off, then some hardcore (stone) level off again and then sand and dry cement….

    like chewie said if you look on line you may get tips….


    we got our slabs relayed last year. They were in the sand mix but over time they moved around a little so we got them set into a cement base instead. All smooth and will never budge. Can get you the number of the man who did the job…very reasonable and excellent work.


    We got ours last weekend in Oldbridge, they are stunning, i really really love them, we couldnt find anything as nice and as cheap as oldbridge and as Scole said the staff are so nice and helpful


    thanks for the replies everyone,

    I’m off to check out oldbridge and campbell’stomorrow. Chewie i didn’t even know you could get seconds in patio slabs- i’ll definately be checking that out with them.

    My hubbie is good at DIY but by the time he does it it’ll be the end of the summer and i’m expecting at the ned of the summer and just want it done NOW! serious nesting starting!!

    Mummy5- could you give me the name of the guy who did your work- word of mouth is always the best advertisement i think and if you were happy then i’m sure he’s good!

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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