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    Hi there,

    My job are cutting back, so my parking space is no longer available to me which means that i have to find cheap parking for myself come the end of July.

    I need it in Drogheda Town centre somewhere.

    I did check at one place but it is €25 a week or €100 per month (weekdays only) which is too expensive for me. That is €1200 a year on parking!!!

    Anyone know anywhere else that does monthly parking tickets for cheaper?



    I dont know much about monthly parking tickets, but there are a few €2-€3 per day parking places, one is in mell, other is beside bus depot and the other is on the north road (but they get taken up fairly sharpish)

    Do you know anyone who lives around thetown and maybe ask if you could use their driveway or park outside their house??


    Don’t know about other monthly parking rates….but you are raising an issue that I think gets forgotten about again and again.

    I too was working part-time in Drogheda (mornings only) for 5 days. I had to travel in from Clogherhead after dropping my children to school to start work 10am-2pm. All the ‘cheap’ parking was full for sure. I was left with the option of paying for 4hrs pay-parking, which didn’t work as I left the car at 9.45 and returned at 2.15 which is 4hrs 30mins. I couln’t get out from work each day to change tickets either. I also had to get back to Clogherhead for 2.45pm to collect my daughters from school there, so had to park close enough to work.

    In the end, I had to get my Mum, who lives in town, to drop me to town, she took my car, collected me from work, I dropped her home and I went on home to Clogherhead to be in time for a 2.45pm collection from school.

    I felt really silly as a woman in her 30’s, who is independent, can drive…..but stilll had to rely on help of my Mum as the car parking situation in Drogheda is so brutal. I couldn’t continue working in the town for that reason alone. Its hard for everyone, but when you have children to drop off and collect it means you can be pushed for time and need parking thats affordable and close to work.

    Years ago, I worked in Peter Street, before all the changes, loading bays etc.etc. and I always got parking on Peter St., Fair St, or William St. when I went to work, left on my lunch break to collect daughter from montessori on Peter Street and bring her to my Mums. I was always able to park after lunch at 2pm on one of these streets without too much hassle. Pay parking was in but it wasn’t as expensive as now and there was so much more in town parking.

    WAKE UP ALL THOSE WHO INFLUENCE PARKING IN DROGHEDA…..Women with children do work in town too and would appreciate some support to continue doing so………its tough juggling childcare and work without parking as another issue and massive expense.


    Thanks Yummymummy, dont know anyone who lives in town centre. Was thinking about the bus station myself but hoping for somewhere closer but that certainly is an option, i wonder what time it fills up at?

    Very Good Points Mummy5. I totally agree.

    My dh suggested i walk as only 20/25 minutes form house but i would have to take a detour to bring ds up to creche on the way, which will add at least 10 minutes. Thats well & good when the weathers good but what about in the winter when its dark & cold outside even in the summer when its wet outside. I know he will be the first one to say my son cant be old in thet, never mind the wife.

    It could certainly be done some days but not relaistic longterm.


    Why not go by bicycle with a child seat, most of the days.
    My husband and I we share a car so the other one cycle. So for the last 7 years we In average gets the rain once a month. To be honest it’s not we it’s HE, as he is good to me, so when the weather at the time to live is too bad he takes the bike and I have the car.
    As even some days if it’s raining it’s not all day, so you can be lucky.
    And the bicycle is faster than walking (less time out to have a chance to avoid the rain), it’s environmentaly friendly, cheap…the list goes on.

    As I have 2 kids I have a trailer attach to my bike, in which the 2 kids can seat, they think it’s funny, and myself like it a lot.

    So bike combine with car and expensive car park could allow you to avoid the rain and not have an expensive car park bill at the end of the year.

    And I avoid Drogheda as car park is too expensive….

    Best of luck.


    I noticed a car park on Georges street called the Swan Yard. There wasa sign saying ask about our weekly rates, might be worth talking to them.

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