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    All parents are to pay the price of cuts coming.
    The government in its cowardly actions is to cut Early Childcare Supplement.
    Meanwhile the unions have bullied their way out of getting any cuts.
    You will find more in the Sunday papers and at


    this is an absolute disgrace who said the needy wouldnt be affected by any cuts just typical of this country 😈 😈 all those assholes with their big pay packets and they take no pay cuts drives me mad


    Hi Girls,Guys…..

    Really unbelievable Gov is going to cut away the ChildCare Benefits for all the children nationwide!

    Children is the Next Generation for the Country Future …….

    and the cow is chewing away saying….Overseas Aid
    For giving billions of euros away to those country which has been corrupted for 100 years…..what a stupid focus

    and ignoring its own nation call for a slice of bacon to bring home….
    name it crystal waterford, dell…..etc.

    Yet the cow is not going to cut public sector

    Whats the difference btw Public N Private sector ???

    we all had to pay Tax to them yet when theres problem their own sector had to be the only one that apparently be spared from cutting their own salary

    Is there still fairness in this country??

    Whoever voted for that cow must be blind!


    I dont see what the big fuss is about! Yes I get it for my two boys but as it says in its name "BONUS PAYMENT" we got a bonus payment when the going was good and now the country is on its uppers the bonus is being stopped.
    We still have our child beneift for now and fingers crossed that is left alone, I heard last week that they were cutting the bonus payment so its doesnt come as a surprise at all. We all have to do our bit, I could be losing 10% of my pension but what the heck we all have to do our bit.

    Oh dont get me wrong could I do with the money?… Eh yes
    Will I manage without it?…. will have to.

    The bonus was good while we got it but all good things must come to an end, I’d rather loose this payment then see the OAP’s be targeted on their medical cards, we will manage better then the OAP’s being hit.
    I was going to use it to pay for ds1 playschool bill 320 per month, but I have just cut back on his days.
    I feel sorry for anyone who is using it to pay creche fees
    Look at it as the glass is half full we still have childrens allowance and not lossing it all or worse getting means tested for it, times are tough and we have to face facts the goverment are stone cold broke!!!!!

    One thing that pee’s me off is the bailout of the banks, well the bailout of AngloIrish, think they should have just let it go to the wall…. sorry!
    I know a few family members who have lost over 50k since the bank shares fell they invested in the banks as a pension fund

    Its going to get alot worse before it gets better


    To me, its the thin edge of the wedge.

    This year F.F. (Fianna Fail) has to save 8 billion. Next year its supposed to be a lot more than that.
    Who is going to get an even bigger wallop next year – no two guesses!
    Cowan has asked for RTE airtime to make an address and will be announcing drastic cuts soon live on air.

    Between now and then good luck trying to find a F.F.TD – they will be making themselves scarce.
    If its not the elderly, the hospital, the Gardi, the fire services, the parents, the schools and education system, the children, the pensions etc that are going to continuously walloped what’s left?

    The unions are making sure their civil servant members are not going to be affected except by a gesture to make them look good.
    ESB staff have just last week confirmed that they are still getting an across the board 3% pay RISE!
    Thats the unions for you.
    Cowan and co don’t want to rock the boat because that ugly useless lump KNOWS they have the serious organisational power to get him and his gang of crooks out of his seat of power.

    This country is up the crapper!

    For example – from

    Our present glorious leader is paid €320,000 – €70,000 more than the head of the Labour party in England. Add to that a near €40,000 extra he gets in perks, it addsup to quite a wage.

    The taxpayer is now forking out nearly €100,000 in unvouched expenses for TDs every day they attend the Dail.

    Unlike practically every other worker in the State, the elected representatives do not have to provide receipts proving they spent the money. And the majority of backbench TDs receive allowances on top of their basic pay for service as chairs, vice-chairs or whips on one of the 20 Oireachtas committees. This means that the average expenses claimed by TD during the first 10 months of 2008 amounted to €39,905 each — €6,000 more than the average industrial wage. On top of this, the country’s 60 senators claimed almost €3m between January and November last year. The generous agreement which allows them to claim lavish expenses is unsurprisingly set by the Oireachtas which they run. Mileage, overnight allowances and office costs are all payable unvouched.

    Just for showing up, TDs who live within 15 miles of Leinster House are entitled to €61.33 in travel and subsistence. Those who live 16 miles and further away are given €139.67 for overnight expenses. Each TD is also provided with €40,090 to employ an office secretary, although recent Freedom of Information requests have shown that many hire family members.

    An analysis of expense claims for the first 10 months of last year shows that TDs claimed a whopping €6.5m, when the Dail sat for just 68 days. That works out at €95,588 for every day the Dail was in session. On top of this, allowances received for chairing Oireachtas committees are pensionable. Other bonuses include office equipment and stationery, a free parking space in Leinster House and free postage of 21,000 envelopes a year.

    Government Ministers are also entitled to "walking around money". The €240-a-week extra is paid to reimburse them for money spent acting as a Minister. The special tax-free expense was not reduced when Ministers agreed to a 10pc pay cut in the October budget. And that is before you factor in overseas travel.

    Last year, it was revealed how in just eight months, TDs and senators (excluding the Taoiseach and Government ministers), spent over half a million euro on overseas travel themselves! Some 115 of the public representatives bagged junkets to destinations including Australia, Washington, India, Egypt, Mexico and even Kazakhstan.


    Thirty-six current politicians from across the political spectrum are pocketing €700,000 a year worth of ministerial pensions already — on top of inflated salaries and massive expenses.

    None of them have reached retirement age!

    Among the biggest beneficiaries is former Bertie Ahearn who has a pension of over €160,000 on top of his salary. Other ‘pensioners’ include the leader of Fianna Gael Enda Kenny, who draws a yearly pension of €15,000, and his deputy, Richard Bruton who gets €14,041. But when Senator Brady raised the matter at Brain Cowan’s economic briefing for Fianna Fail TDs recently he says he got "the silent treatment".

    Other individuals in receipt of large State pensions include the multi-millionaire businessman and ‘God’s Banker’ Peter Sutherland, who is chairman of BP, one of the world’s largest multi-nationals. He collects a yearly pension of €50,000 as a former Attorney General — as does wealthy Senior council Harry Whelehan.


    it’s a shame it’s going but hey, at least we have the children’s allowance. and they’d be bad f***ers if they stopped that……
    i do think that the td’s etc should all take paycuts….they’re expenditure curved…..and the civil servents take a decrease….afterall, all for one and one for all…..we need to help one another out here, times are going to get tougher, and people will fall to the wall…’s terrible…i personally am terrified……

    people are going to loose their houses, and eachother, we have to stop being selfish and the government needs to wake up to help the regular joe soap survive thyey need to look at wage cuts…..not health, etc…..

    i wonder will they bring in a price cut for doctor surgery’s as people get sick they won’t be able to afford to see a doctor…..

    it’s a tough time and going to get worse, the government was told aboutthis time going to come and they did nothing , no wonder Bertie bowed out before the s**t hit the fan….


    Have not heard anything about losing the early childcare supplement – is it actually official or speculation at this stage?

    I don’t think the unions are out of the woods yet – the talks are still ongoing.

    I don’t think that you can just go and cut the pay of every public sector worker / civil servant across the board. It is like every other part of industry – there are lower and higher paid workers.

    My husband works as a train driver – they have a pay scale – all drivers do the same job but it takes 10 years to get the same pay. Up until recently, I earned more money than him – I have not had a pay rise in 4 years and I would not consider myself to be on a particularly high salary for what I do.

    We both have to work in order to pay the mortgage and live – I am going on maternity shortly and it has taken some major budgeting and saving to ensure that we are not short of cash.

    So, I would definately be majorly opposed to any blanket pay cut across the semi states / public sector!!!

    I do believe that those paid ridiculously high salaries should take a pay cut or a penalty. There are also lots of them that do little or nothing – should we put them out of a job?

    What would you define a high paid worker as? Is it someone earning over 100K? If you have two incomes in a house – both earning say 50K with a small mortgage and another house with one income of 100K, a large mortgage and several children – do you penalise this single income?


    Biggins thats an old tale your telling for years we have known about the td/ministers pay and expences…. why didnt we march on the streets like they do in France? Because we are a lazy bunch of feckers, its only now when push comes to shove that people are starting to smell the roses.

    I have a pension (15k) and Im not a pension age (shut up Happy I know what your going to post….. yeah i might look like I am 🙄 ) Im 35 and I dont feel guilty getting my pension every week, why should I? I did many years work and service

    Mammycool you have a very good point about a large single income being targeted when you could have 2 wages in one house adding up to more and them getting off scot free….. My dh is on a good wage but we couldnt afford for his wages to be cut (he is in the private sector) he is doing work at the moment for free. He should have gotten a raise of 10 euro an hour after his promotion but now he is doing the work on the terms of no pay raise…… thats fine we never had that money and he still has a job but a pay cut for anybody cant be easy private or public sector..

    Listening to Harney on the evening news is that childrens allowance she made reference and not the early supplement….. it was good while it lasted but its not like its a forture its only 275 euro every quarter, its not like its a montyly payment


    Just to point out, seemingly the childcare payment is being paid monthly from next week, €92 per month…. read this on another forum…
    Also, I think they should target people claiming in the wrong, a guy I work with claims child benefit for his son who lives in a different country… I think this is wrong, I do believe that they should be entitled to it but only if their children live in Ireland… the same guy is claiming married tax credits (not paying tax at all), yet he is divorced now…


    I hate to add any doom and gloom but we got a letter home from my sons school last week saying there’s not enough money for them to stay open for the rest of the year so can each family give 250 euro to help.

    We all want to help out but I just think there has to be a better way than asking the parents all the time.

    I’ve contacted local politicians about it but have had no replies yet!

    Anyway, rather than getting down about it, I am trying to come up with some unique fundraising ideas.

    I’ve thought about womens mini marathon and non uniforms days and cake sales but if anyone has any suggestions, please pass them on!



    Hee Hee Taylor is drawing her pension!!! 😆 😆 😆 Sorry couldnt help it.

    I love my childcare payment, Its spent before I get it! I really depend on it. Its like giving sweets to a baby and then taking them back off them again, I really have the urge to throw a tantrum but to be honest whats the point. If they want to take it back then they are gonna. Biggins you have 4 children under 5.5 so I can see how it will definitely effect you especially with a new little one in hospital etc etc. On the other side if you know so much about the gov which you clearly do ( I never watch the news r read the papers so im very clueless to my shame) then you really should have seen it coming afterall the gov has never had any interest in the countrys childcare or mothers and in a time of recession then it doesnt surprise me one bit that they are considering or already have decided to cancel it. Im not very educated in politics just wanted to give my opinion from another parents point of view, it doesnt take a genius to more or less know the gov’s next move. Also thanks for letting me know.


    it has beeing put back to 1000 and stops at 5th birthday


    Thought it would have been worse really, lucky that its left at that…


    suppose better than nothing……but even if it were short term we’d get it back….or they’d be in deep trouble….

    SABBI- are you serious? is that really true, they’re running out of funds? jesus….that’s the irish school isn’t it? will get my thinking cap on….it’s awful really the school is really needed and to think that they have to ask the parents to help when the government should be helping…..i know times are tough but anything would help…
    i wonder have they thought of a registration fee for those wishing to attend…so much nonrefundable….if people don’t like it then they don’t put child name down….i personally would have no problem if it would mean my child would have a place….doesn’t have to be much 50euro or something, like what creches and playschools do……


    Very surprised that it was such a little cut, so its just back to the normal rate before they gave the increase last year (from 250 to 275 perquarter)
    Im delighted with the news, Im going to invest mine for the boys as its a REAL bonus now….. really thought the whole thing was for the chop, Oh happy days.

    Sabbi that shocking, I know a few of my neighbours kids go there. Could you do a bag packing weekend in the local centres? Im sure you would make a few bob.

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