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    Hiding veggies, bribing with dessert, and creating pictures still used by modern day parents

    It’s an age old struggle for parents around the world. How do you get your kids to eat their vegetables instead of pushing them around their plates, hoping you’ll give up?

    Well, according to a new poll out, classic tricks and old fashioned subterfuge are still being used by parents, with number one on the list the simple camouflaging of veg within other foods and sauces.
    Second on the list is the threat of no dessert if veggies aren’t eaten first, while third was telling children that vegetables would give them special powers such as the old ‘carrots will help you see in the dark’, or ‘spinach will give you muscles as big as Popeye’.

    Further down the list were rewarding children for polishing off their greens with toys and stickers, making it into a competition between siblings and friends as to who can eat their veggies first, and telling their children their favourite superheroes or characters loves their vegetables.

    And it’s no surprise parents are going to such lengths still to get vegetables into their children in any way they can, with only half of all children eating veggies willingly and one in ten actively avoiding them, according to the survey of more than 1,000 parents by Green Giant.

    Four out of five parents admitted their children don’t get their advised five portions of fruit and vega day, while one in five parents will allow their children to leave their veggies – sometimes just to avoid the stress that goes hand in hand with meal times when vegetables are involved. A number of parents stated that their children eat vegetables so rarely that they feel elated if they even eat a mouthful. In turn, parents can spend on average up to two hours on top of mealtimes each week trying to prompt their children to eat their vegetables.

    So how difficult is it for you to get your kids to eat what they should and what tactics do you use to get them into your children? Colin Jackson always ate his vegetables when he was a youngster and was told by his mum that if he did, he would grow up to be a World Champion athlete and Olympic Medalist…..and we know how that story ends!

    Colin has joined with Green Giant to help parents come up with ways to educate their kids on healthy eating and even get them to grow to love their veggies. Listen to our podcast with Colin Jackson where he discusses the importance of balance in your children’s diets and tactics parents can draw on to help mealtimes run more smoothly.

    Click here to listen to our podcast: [url:2b02jw1u][/url:2b02jw1u]


    I tell them eating their veg & fruit will make them strong – works some of the time….


    My husband thinks he doesnt eat onions, yet he eats them a few times a week in his dinner!! I blend all the fried up veg and add to pasta sauces etc. I do the same trick for the kids, i do it with fruit in smoothies too

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