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    I am so annoyed at the issue that Leo Varadkar brought up today about some parents possibly being forced to give up work due to high childcare costs. What he actually said is that ‘Some Mums’ may need to give up work if they are getting a debt restructure if their childcare costs are too high.

    First of all – he only said ‘Mums’ and never mentioned ‘Dads’. I know many women who are higher earners than their partners so its disrespectful and chauvinistic to suggest it should only apply to women. Is he seriously living in the 50’s???

    The situation only got worse when Enda Kenny came out and basically contradicted him in the Dail later on today by saying ‘no-one would have to give up work’ (Blanket statements like that are also ridiculous!)

    As a working mum of four, I take offence to the way they are very badly and inconsistently handling this issue. Honestly, when they cannot even agree on issues like this how can we trust them to run the country.

    So it seems they have simply passed all the power over to the banks (not the cleverest bunch!) and have no clue what is going to happen.

    I have no faith in our government at all. Its a shambles in there!!! days like today make me think of emigrating. :x

    What do ye think??


    Is this for real? Does the plonker honestly believe that women go out to work just for the fun of it and pay childcare out of money that they do not have? He is just lucky he did not say that last week – cos I ran into Enda Kenny acting the ponce in Ashbourne the other day!!


    Here’s a notion – why don’t they get off their arses and sort out the issue of cost of childcare?????

    This really pisses me off. I went back to work after both my children(3 days a week cos refused to work 5 days to keep a minder loaded). My salary pays the mortgage, childcare and the bloodyincompetent fools in government. Up until last month – I got nothing from it. I would have a fairly well paid job and could go back full time any time I want.

    Last month, we restructured our working lives – now my husband is off when I work and I am off when he is working. He is knackered from working late at night but we are saving all the childcare costs.


    They are so out of touch with reality its ridiculous. I wish they could even try to put themselves in our shoes.

    Stop working to pay back banks who are robbing us blind – only in Ireland (or maybe Greece!!)

    Madness. 🙁


    That Leo Varadkar is such an Dope!! Maybe they should look at the cost of childcare.
    I do know a couple in Trouble with the banks, they both work and have 2 kids in school. They bank told them they would help them if they got rid of one of their cars, home phone and sky tv! She said they needed 2 cars as they live in the country and both cars are fully paid for, its not like there are outstanding loans


    They probably wanted the money from the sale of the car!!

    I thought the childcare part was bad but now they are talking about limiting how much is spent on food. Is that the total food bill or does the 5 euro a day include all the other groceries that a household needs?

    We should probably get rid of our dishwashers, tumble dryers and our luxuries and go back to washing by hand!!! Seeing as we will not be at work and will have plenty of time!!

    Or we could move to America and declare ourselves bankrupt – unlike that property developers and bankers, we would not have the few million cushion to keep us going after the six months!!

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