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    From chewing baby’s food and transferring it into their mouth (like a mammy bird feeding a baby bird) to celeb mums-to-be carrying dolls around while pregnant in preparation for motherhood!!!

    These celebs are really out there when it comes to parenting….but I guess that’s why we buy so many celeb magazines, they’d have to be nuts for us to keep reading about them!!!


    Alicia Silverstone posts videos of herself feeding her baby son this way – from her mouth directly to his. Seems weird but whatever floats your boat….. … -baby-bear

    Though, would there not be a lot of germs in an adults mouth that could be transferred to the baby’s mouth???



    Probably makessense but still 😕 😕


    jeeze……I cant believe that Alicia silverstone posted that video of her kid eating food out of her mouth,that is really odd & gross….imagine if they were beside you in a restaurant doing that ,i have to say it would put me off my food…..each to their own i suppose!


    I seen that on the news last week and nearly got sick, what a dope!!! It might seem cute and funny, but come on its gross!!
    God love that poor child when he grows up 🙄 He will be called "birdboy" in school 😆 😆 😆

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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