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    Jumping out of a plane!!!

    Some very brave parents & friends of Gaelscoil an Bhradáin Feasa will do a sponsored parachute jump on May 24th to raise much needed funds for the school. They came up with the idea of a parachute jump as a novel and fun way to raise money.

    There are sponsorship cards around Bettystown in Ellen’s coffee shop, Stacks Pharmacy, Supervalu, Relish, Anagenic Hair design, Anto’s barbers, the Leisure Club at Bettystown Court Hotel etc.

    If you could sponsor a parent, even just for 5euro, it would really help the scoil raise necessary funds.

    If possible, please leave the money at time of sponsorship as it can be difficult to track sponsors down after the event…..

    Le míle buíochas,

    Gaelscoil an Bhradáin Feasa.


    hey i did, and didn’t realise your dh would be doing it, fair play….where’s the jump happening from???

    also have some more vouchers for ya…..will keep them rolling in


    Scole Im giving Lai my tesco vouchers, so if you went me to pop yours around to here too I can


    cool, i gave sabbi a load on fri night and gave a neighbour who’s ds is in gaelscoil them to bring in, was giving to my cousin but then decided to give to gaelscoil….


    Hi Girls,

    Thanks for the vouchers – the scoil needs as much support as we can get!!

    if you are in Ellen’s, Super Valu, Stacks, Anto’s, Anagenic hair design and see the sponsoirship cards, if you can spare even 2 euro that would be great.

    every little donation helps…

    thanks a million!!!


    Hi all,

    If you’re in Tuites butchers, Ellens coffee shop, Super Valu Bettystown, Relish Cafe, Stack Pharmacy Bettystown and you see the sponsor cards for the parachute jump, if you have any spare change, even a euro or two, it would be great if you could sponsor a parent.

    Budget cuts means less school equipment and the school is trying to be different by doing a parachute jump.

    Mu husband is actually doing the jump and he is getting a bit nervous now so for all he is putting himself through, I hope we get some good funds raised.

    I know times are tough but every little euro helps –

    Thanks for your support!!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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