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    Hia – writing this in a tracksuit – covered in baby food with a screaming toddler in the background slam dunking a foam diego into a fountain.

    but anyway – somehow have to think about sprucing myself up for an event on saturday :oops:

    Where do i start?? Does anyone recommend fake tan that doesnt look streaky or orange that i can get done in drogheda – wouldnt dream of applying this myself (previous ngithmares)

    I can just about squeeze into a dress pre-pregnancy but could do with a pair of wonderous pants – again, any ideas where i could get these magic items?

    Please help cinders go to the ball….

    thank!! :D


    Hi CC, must be a special night.

    I have only had a spray tan applied once, have always in terrified. But went to tranquility in Bryanstown last year and i was thrilled with the results.

    Magic knickers, M&S, Dunnes all sell them. Be weary some cut off the blood supply 😆 😆 If you are wearing tights, i wouldnt recommend the magic knickers, you can get tights with the support in them. Speaking from experience, wore my magic knickers to xmas party with tights and dress. I nearly died, have to remove the knickers during the night, thank got i was wearning black thick tights. Wouldnt let the handbag out of my sight all night 😆 😆

    super minder

    what size are you pet . in clothes and sheoes mite be able to help.xxxx

    Sabrinab 08

    Hi ya doll.. Well im not the may west at tan myself but the number 7 moistured one is brilliant. goes on like amoisturieser but is tinted and darkens gradually over nite! really nice and easy to apply.. Or I think there’s a place in Duleek that does spray tan for 15 euro,my sil gets it done and its fab!!
    Ive heard that Ophelia(dyer st) are selling the USA.Spanex knickers, their comfy but hold everything in.. my sis was tellinme bout them. there all the rage in the US..
    I always wear "pully ins" as me and my friend call them.. when im wearin a dress, weather i need tem or not.. they give you a boost of confidence.. The Spanex could be quiet dear, there are other one’s in dunnes.. magi knicks too. their great!! hope you get sorted and have a great day! 😀


    Would recommend the girls in FreeSpirit in Laurence Town centre for the tan, they are absolutely lovely or if you want to brave it yourself again the No7 tinted gel is good, no streeks. (i’m not that good with tan either but this worked nice)

    For underwear I got hold-u-in knickers in Penneys that came right up to under your bra so there was no hope of the lumpy bits escaping!!! I wore them under an evening dress and there was no visible lines. About 9€ I think.

    Have a great night, sounds like it’s well deserved


    thanks a million!!!! I’ll hit the town tmrw to start planning – do you remember the days when you could preen infront of the mirror re-applying make up and dresses!! LOL long way from that these days! 😆


    I 2nd Tranquility in Byanstown, fab fake bake spray tan there, or if you are willing to do your own you cannot go wrong with sally hansen tan 🙂

    you’ll get them pants in dunnes, heatons , tullys etc, the list is endless but i dont like them they make me feel like a barrell 🙂

    why not go into that make up shop in scotch hall and get your make up done too 🙂


    Hi CC

    I am new to Mumstown. Went to Mumstown night out last week with my friend lulu1 and met a few of the gang and had a great time. Lulu1 is a great beauty therapist and has her own salon (Divine Beauty) in Stockwell Lane. She always does my tan and make up and does a great job. She will look after you well. Just mention Mumstown and she will give you a discount. The salon number is 041 9871715 and you will be well looked after.

    She will be looking after me on Sat morning, it is my DS’s communion. I got some support underwear in Ophelia on Dyer Street. Did not go for Trinny and Susannah Magic knickers as they were 50 euro. Bought Flexess for 25 euro. They had a good selection and the assistant was very helpful.


    Ahhh thanks cathmc you say the nicest things. 😆 Im available for house calls as well and will do discounts for mumstown members


    well was gonna say devine, never been but lulu was very glam looking so why not give a try….enjoy your treatments and day out

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