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    Just had an argument with the bin man who refused to take my green bin because he said there was a nappy in it! Now i know the difference between my green and black bin but my mum stayed and maybe she put it in at night by accident! He said he would have to go threw the whole bin because he wasnt sure if there was more in there! He contradicted me down to the ground! I was in such a humour i was going to empty the whole bin over just to prove to him! AAAGGGGHHH!! He actually stood there in front of my neighbors and embarrassed me saying i should know that nappy’s are not recyclable! I opened the lid off the bin and took the nappy out and then said there its gone now take my bin and he refused to. He said to go through it again and then in two weeks time they will take it! :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: Oooohhh he is so gonna get it from me, im off to Panda now and im not happy if i have my way he wont be taking his job so bloody seriously from now on he can join the dole que because there is good decent workers out there with better customer service skills! Honestly panda must be raking it in if they can afford to be pushing people away! :twisted: Im not the only one on my side of the green either that bin man has upset at least 4/5 households in my little estate and im sure Panda will loose their business also. Rant over, soo angry and very embarrased i had to let myself down and argue with a flippin binman infront of my neighbours :twisted:


    hi happy mammy can understand you’re frustration
    i use oxigen – not sure bout the price difference though – worth looking into


    Hi Munch,

    Ive calmed down now and DB is going to bring everything down to the recycling center. I got so mad with him because he was speaking to me like a child. I would never be so rude to anyone.


    Report him especially if he humiliated you like that!!!


    What sort of weirdo actually goes through your bin to see what is in it? Though a suppose if they lift the lid to empty, there is a strong possibility that they would get a whiff of a nappy 🙂


    I would definitely report about how he spoke to you, thats not on! We use oxigen (have to no other service provider in this area yet) and they are €30 per month….


    jeesh, happy wouldn’t want to have been him this morning, that’s a bit ot for god’s sakes, you took the nappy out and he could’ve then taken the bin…..what a plonker……
    we’re with midland waste and they are great the binmen are lovely always give them a bottle at christmas coz infairness before we ever did start giving them a bottle they took old carpet and loads of crap…..dh when he did the garden loaded the bin with muck and crap it weighed a tonne and they still took it…they really shouldn’t have taken it but they did…..
    they just get on with it and as far as i know they don’t bother peeking in bins….


    Happy I know you must be mad at it as accidents can happen, BUT I was out walking with ds one day andwe were standing looking at the bin truck as little boys do and one of my stuck up neighbours who has to have the newest car on the block and biggest kids parties etc…. was out at her bin the green bin man was rooting through her bin and it was FULL of rubbish, recycling at the top and rubbish for the rest.
    She hasnt spoken to me since (about 4 months ago now)
    It is a huge problem for the bin providers…. I did notice last week one neighbour has midland waste and the same truck took both green and grey bin 😯
    As I said we follow the bin trucks with ds, the panda binman even gives him sweets 😳 😆 😆 😆

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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