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    Hiya Peeps,

    This is just a reminder for the march being held on the 19th September.

    March to save child Benefit from being cut.

    Saturday 19th September at 1pm

    Assemble Parnell Square north, Dublin 1.

    PACUB in association with the Alliance against cuts.

    Bring Partners, children, grandparents, aunts , uncles all are welcome.

    To find out more visit our website at

    We have made all national papers over the last two days, our most promising piece was in the Daily mirror yesterday where we made front page,well done Carol :)
    We have also made international papers yesterday and today, not bad for a group of angry mothers who have stood up and said enough is enough hey !!!!!!!!

    We now have over 12.000 signatures on our online and paper petitions.

    I have been asked to put up the information so there it is.

    Hope to see you all there




    I’m going and hoping my mam will come along too – shes not a happy bunny about all these possible cuts affecting her little grandchildren!

    Any other Mumstown mums, dads & grandparents going along??


    I’m going and think it would be great if we could get a Louth/Meath/Drogheda style deputation going, or at least departing (!) from 1 central place.
    Certain we would get local media coverage if we knew we had a decent no going.

    Any1 wanna make a def plan to leave and depart?


    I was going to go but dh has plans for that weekend (my birthday weekend) think he knows a need a little treat to lift my spirits, so gutted I cant make it.

    I was telling my mam about it and she phoned me back later in the day to tell me that a few of her friends are getting the Luas into town to march on behalf of there grand kids, she said they would be gutted if the CA was cut in their day as it was a lifeline for most families in the 80’s and for xmas and back to school times….. Thought this was great to hear, they were always a more militant back in those days!!!!! One up for the OAP’s


    Hey girls,

    Thanks for the support, numbers are going to be big by the looks of things, have to say i love this site, everyone is lovely here 🙂

    Hope to see ya all there, grannies and all, its fab. Lets hope the rain holds off and we have a great day out.



    Hi all,

    Is anyone planning to get the bus in? I was thinking of taking Matthews coaches from Bettystown. I might have my daughter with me but I can pop her in the small fold up buggy for the walk so should be no bother.

    If I’m not driving, I’ll get the bus at 11am…just wondering if anyone else doing that?


    I was enjoying the Sunday papers over pancakes yesterday morning until I read about the Fas chief who recently ‘resigned’ with full pension. It was not enough for him to go away and retire loaded after wasting millions of tax payers money – but to add insult to injury, he has just received an extra 1.4 million euro payout on top of his already inflated pension and this increase is to give him a little extra because he was forced to retire early – the poor mite.

    Does this really annoy anyone else? This guy wasted millions of euros and should have been sacked not allowed to slink off with a fat pension plan but instead, he gets let off the hook completely for any mismanagemtns of funds and he gets an extra dollop of cash on top of the millions he already got.

    This payout was government approved, although at the moment they are strongly denying that (even though it was stamped by minister of finances dept?)

    We are going to march on Saturday to try to save our CA yet this kind of nonsense is still going on.

    I’m going to have a word with the TD’s when they come a knocking on my door about the Lisbon treaty – lets see how they answer this one!

    Honestly, its getting embarrassing to be Irish at this stage!!


    The rain is a bit off putting but I’m heading out the door now on my way to the March.

    Hope we can do some good!!


    How did march go???


    Went great. It was very busy, not just with people from PACUB but other groups too. I took my two year old with me and the rain held off so it was grand. She was not too keen on the crowds and I ended up carrying her from O’Connell St to College Green – my back was in bits by the end of it!!

    Just hope it makes some difference come December.

    by the way, big thanks to 2 Navan mammies who walked beside us and pushed my daughter’s buggy whileI was carrying her. Thanks Chantelle and Suzanne – much appreciated!!!

    Hope to be chatting with you girls on here soon….


    What was the turn out RTE said 1000, but the girl PACUB said the garda outside the Dail said between 5 to 10 thousand…. you were there which was it?


    I havent a clue, there were lots of different groups marching and I was in the middle of the PACUB one. There were people in front and behind me, I honestly would not have a clue but there was a lot of people. We took up a good chunk of O’Connell st while we were marching down it!


    Te police told the organisers on the day that at least 5000 people had turned up for the march saturday,

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