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    Hi all,

    Love the new boards!
    I am just introducing myself as pat of the PACUB group, Which is Protest against child unfriendly budget, The group was formed after the supplementary budget in April, when one mum got very annoyed at what we see as disproportionate hits to the family, With the loss of the Early childcare supplement, the VAT increases, the Income levies etc, we just feel that the family cannot take any more. We have been writing to leader Mr Brian Cowen, in May he was swamped with nappies as pat of our protest to tell them how unhappy we are. A lot of families across Ireland will suffer if child benefit is touched in any way, if that’s means testing/ taxing/ across the board cuts. A lot of people rely on this as household income, Many people through no fault of their own have lost their jobs and are struggling to survive. People on Social welfare will suffer greatly if any changes are implemented. People who are still luck enough to have jobs are feeling the strain already with the income levy’s and if child benefit is decreased in any way it will have a knock on effect, people will stop working to keep child benefit, it feels as though our government is pushing the woman back into the home.
    We have set up a web site, and also a facebook group with over 3500 members, We have also set up a petition, in an online form which is linked from our website at, where we have almost 6000 signatures. There is also a paper petition which we have 5000 signatures.
    We have set a date for a mach on the Dail to show the powers that be how unhappywe are and that we will fight these cuts, for ourselves but also for the people who cannot do it themselves THE CHILDREN.
    If we allow them to cut it now, it will just be a starting point for them, they will keep on cutting it until there is nothing left.
    Please show your support by signing the petition and joining us on September 19th at PM at the garden of Remembrance, Parnell square in Dublin, and we will March to Dail Eireann. Stand up and let yourselves be heard!



    I fully support the PACUB group in what they are doing.

    Im looking forward to the march on the 19th and i really hope they get the support that they so deserve.

    We have taken cuts left right and centre with the taxs and levies and not its time to say enough is enough.

    Leave child benefit alone.

    Show your support

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