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    Has your hair been put through the mill lately – over the summer from holidays in the sun, chlorine from swimming pools, hair dye’s or just lacking lustre?!

    Ovelle Coconut Oil works wonders as a leave in treatment to inject some goodness into dry, damaged and stresses hair. Coconut Oil is a 100% Natural product that can be used on the skin or hair. When at room temperature it forms a solid block but on touch from warm hands it melts to a clear liquid that can be rubbed onto skin as a moisturiser.

    It can also be used on the ends of dry hair to help ease frizz and smooth it down. For a more intensive treatment take a small teaspoon size amount (about a tablespoon for very long and thick hair) and put it into a bowl suitable for use in the microwave and heat for a minute or two. Then massage the oil into dry hair, scalp and right through the length of the hair. Wrap in a warm towel for a few hours (overnight if you wish) and wash with Elave Shampoo, finishing with Elave Hair Conditioner to achieve healthy, smooth hair.


    I cannot wait to try this – with the weather getting cold our home heating is on alot and that cannot be good for my hair. Will give this a whirl and let you know how we get on with it!


    Yes do that – now you can look forward to fabulous hair! 😀

    Ovelle Coconut Oil is available in pharmacies nationwide SRP €5.85

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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