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    good evening Lady’s
    My name is Teresa Shallow, I am a mother of 5 that set up along with the support of another parent , the Save Our Lady’s Children’s Hospital Campaign.
    I am sure everyone of you mums hae heard what is happening in the hospital,
    Our campaign is going to fight hard for the cuts to have front line services returned to this great hospital.
    I am here today to appeal to parents and there familys to please support this campaign, There have been rumours going around that people before profit are supporting us for political gain, i want to state that no party will be allowed to use this campaign in that way , but wewill ask for support from whom ever offers it to us.
    Again i ask for support from all of you,
    As our children can not fight this battle so we have to do it for them, we have to make as much noise as we can and let Mary Harney and Prof Drumm know that our childrens lifes are more important than any amount of money.

    Please contact me on this forum or at solchc@gmail.com

    Thank You


    is there any plans for an online petition? how can we show our support?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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