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    My own daughters are 12 & 15. They are both very angry with the way this country has gone and the fact that all they have to look forward to after school is helping get this country out of the debt it will probably still be in. They talk of leaving this country and moving to a country where the systems are better and where they will feel valued as a worker….all at 12 & 15yrs. Its depressing when our children feel the burden already! What a way to have to grow up :(


    my niece is 21 and she will be doing her Masters next year, her plan is go to London…. my nephew finished college this year and he is packing bags for charity just to fill in his days, he doesnt want to leave Ireland due to family/health reasons, but it looks like he is going to Washington to his Aunt…. my mam is heartbroken that her oldest grand children are being forced to leave the country


    My ds1 who is 12 only said the other day that when he is finished college that hes going to have to leave Ireland to find a good job. It broke my heart that I had to agree with him. Hopefully things will have turned around by then.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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