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    Hi all,

    Drogheda Animal Rescue has just informed me that our lock up centre is no longer suitable for cats
    and we are trying to relocate as many kittens and cats as possible over
    the next few weeks.

    Normally at this time of year our numbers are well down. The kitten season
    began late and is ending at a time when the lock up is cold and damp.

    So if anyone can help spread the word that we urgentlyl need foster homes
    and homes for outdoor cats.

    For fosterers we say all equipment and food supplied and a
    full guarantee that we will take the cats back anytime, should they not settle.

    Please help if you can,

    Many many thanks

    Moonflower xx


    god i hope you find some where moonflower, wish i could help but our dog hates cats 🙁


    the poor things hope you get them homes soon


    God no I couldnt help as I hate cats, sorry


    I had an email saying a reply had been posted on here Taylor and i knew it was going be from you 😆 😆 (our night owl 🙂 ) Cats are funny creatures, you either love em or hate em…….I love em but my dogs hate em 😈

    Seriously, Taylor, you have done a great job taking Dottie in…..noone coudl ask any more.

    Not everyone can help i know, but even just finding one cat foster home from mumstown would be wonderful…..


    Hi moonflower,Taylor5 🙂

    i dont like cats too .

    hope they get rehome soon like our new adopted dog.


    Am not a big fan of cats either, and DH voted no for fostering a dog. AWWWW. Maybe when kiddies are a bit bigger.


    Dottie is doing very well and ds loves her, the is always trying to get her into trouble.

    I said Id get a dog to keep the cats out of the garden, but my God a 100 cats couldnt do the damage this little thng has done over the past few weeks 😆 😆 😆 😆

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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