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    Hailey Rose was born yesterday,she is a beautiful little girl who unfortunately is very unwell she is in the intensive care unit of Temple street childrens hospital,she has a diaphramatic hernia that requires surgery,they are also concerned about her heart & lungs.i just wanted you to know so that you can pray for our little girl.i want to keep you in the loop seen as you all have been with me every step of my pregnancy.

    my heart is breaking right now thinking of my daughter so unwell but im trying to be strong for her but keep finding myself in floods of tears,its just such a difficult time.


    Such a beautiful name! We will of course keep you in our thoughts and prayers. The staff in Temple Street are so skilled, she is in the right place for now and hopefully she will be home in your arms soon.


    Oh Brenda,

    You poor thing….you must be up the walls with worry. We’ll be praying for you and sending all our love, hugs and best wishes to little Hailey Rose. The staff are great in there and no doubt they will do their best to get her better as soon as possible.

    You are in our thoughts, hope you bearing up ok – well as much as you can at the moment.

    Keep us posted. Hope for some good news soon. xx


    congratulations on the birth of your daughter, what a beautiful name…

    i will say a prayer for her, and it will not be long until she is back in your arms getting lots of cuddles and kisses….

    here’s sending you strength and comfort that all will be ok…


    congratulations on Hailey Rose,

    will say a prayer for her and mummy,xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


    Welcome to the world Hailey Rose!!!

    The crowd in Temple Street are fab…. you are all in good hands there!
    Will most definitely say prayers for you all….xxx

    Can’t wait for the follow up when you tell us that she is home with you…x


    Love the name.
    Send all my wishes to baby Hailey Rose.
    Take care, you’re strong and will be even more for your baby girl, that soon she’ll be back home and well.



    What a beautiful name
    Thinking of Hailey and you and wishing her a speedy recovery xoxox


    Congrants on the birth of your daughter and i love her name.

    God girl you have been through the mill with this pregnancy and now this, as all the girls said Temple Street staff are brilliant, she is in good hands. Its very normal for a new mammy to end up in floods of tears over nothing at all, never mind a new mammy with a baby in ICU
    I will say a prayer for you and Hailey Rose….. oh im sure the nurses in ICU have told you little girls are the best fighters xxxx


    Congrads on your Baby Daughter – Love her sweet name – Welcome Hailey Rose

    My thoughts and Prayers are with you all….


    Congratulations Brenda on the arrival of your daughter…

    So sorry to hear that she is unwell, please keep us updated on her progress and we will be thinking of you. xxxx


    Congrats on the arrival of your little girl.

    Will keep you both in my prayers


    Congratulations on birth of baby Hailey Rose ….will keep her in my thoughts and prayers brenda.

    thinking of you


Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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