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    Well, our baby girl is 2 today so I guess I’ll have to stop calling her a baby now. She is our last baby and in a silly way, I kind of want to keep her like this, small and adorable where she still follows me around and hugs and kisses me all the time.

    Suppose we should officially start calling her a toddler now and let the cutting of the apron strings begin (sob, sob!!!) :cry:

    Oh how the time has flown!!


    Ah she’s still a baby…4 no baby no more! Though I know what you mean I was def like that with dd2 happy bday to your dd btw


    2 already!!!

    Where has that time gone!

    Happy birthday xx


    No, she still ‘the’ baby!

    Mine only stopped being babies when I arrived home from the hospital with the next one – looks like DS4 will be my baby forever.

    Reminds me, my mum’s aunt was the youngest in her family & the only girl & her name became ‘Baby’ – seriously. It is even on her gravestone, I believe. She was always Aunty Baby…. And then there’s my mum’s friend’s husband – he’s called Junior (he’s nearly 70!)

    Habits die hard….


    Wow 2 already Happy Birthday…..it really does go by fast.

    In 3 months time Hailey will be 2 as well & I cant believe it, i still call her baby as well but someone said to me the other day that she isn’t a baby anymore 🙁 & that i’ve to call her a little girl.


    Lets just keep calling them our babies and to hell with anyone who tells us we have to do otherwise!!! 😉


    I still call Dd baby and she’s almost. 10


    My dd2 at 4 has moved out of "infant" size shoes & is now a size 10, the Winnie the pooh wallpaper I put up when pregnant on dd1 came down today as we’re doing the room up for dd2 & dd2 went off to "big" girl summer camp today…. 😳 BUT she’s still our baby!


    My baby was 3 last week & she wont even let me call her "My baby" any more. She just wants to be big!!

    They grow up way too fast.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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