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    brilliant think swimming is a fantistic skill to have
    my dd1 is doing lessons and we’re trying to get to open swims more regulalry as dd2 loves the pool but has to wait another 8months to start lessons


    brilliant think swimming is a fantistic skill to have
    my dd1 is doing lessons and we’re trying to get to open swims more regulalry as dd2 loves the pool but has to wait another 8months to start lessons

    Hi Munchin

    We had our girl in the beginner class – some of the other babies were practically newborns – you shouldn’t have to wait that long for lessons?


    For the last number of weeks I’ve been taking our little baby girl to the Waterbabies classes.

    The first few weeks was very easy going and getting the babies used to the pool & water. There is plenty of singing and positive words to keep baby happy.

    Once the confidence is there the instructor (Claire really nice) starts to get the babies doing swim techniques which you can see will help them as they grow and start swimming.

    Each class starts with a walk around the pool and the parents sing "splish splash, around in a circle and up in the air" all of the babies love this. Then we do some side to side techniques, holding the baby under their armpits so that our wrists fit under their chin to prevent any swallowing of water but to get them used to going forward in the water. This would also include a chorus of "kickin & kickin & kickin & kickin" – all fun but having the effect of bringing baby forward and encouraging to kick.

    We then move onto the fun parts – going underwater swimming for the babies. Initially I was terrified as a Dad to dunk my little girl under water but its done in a very quick and assuring way. We prepare the baby – Baby name, Ready, Go – put baby underwater and gently bring the baby to parent, when baby emerges parent has smile and we proceed up the pool to a chorus of splish splash and kickin & kickin…the babies don’t get a second to ponder what just happened!

    As the weeks progressed the underwater part got easier & easier to the extent that the babies are almost swimming to parent now – we use the same technique but let go of the baby at midrift level and parent takes a step back creating a nice slipstream for baby and they basically swim to the surface where we collect very gently and a big smile.

    We’re now coming to the end of the beginner course, which has been brilliant and it was nice seeing some Dads in attendance too.

    Looking forward to the intermediary course – giving the babies this confidence so early can only help with the future.

    Click: Waterbabies for more information.


    Going to run a diary of our experience in the Intermediary Waterbabies Classes:

    Week 3: (unfortunately a certain Dad had a dislocated Collarbone so we missed the first two weeks!)
    Every week Summer gets into a pool she gets that bit better, with Waterbabies there is an excellent structure all based around fun.

    The pool is halved for the Waterbabies classes and we start by walking around in a circle with baby in the swim position (parent securing baby under both hands so no water can get into mouth) to the sound of "kickin and kickin and kickin" – this obviously helps with position and the repeat of "kickin" to stimulate the legs.

    We then move onto a diagonal splish splash where the babies are getting used to the movement in water. As we missed some of the previous classes we didn’t do the under water part but Summer was very interested in the other babies going underneath (she did do a quick one later and got on grand), Claire has a great technique when the babies come up – Splish Splash Splish Splash around in a circle and up in the air – this always makes the babies laugh.

    That particular technique has pretty much worked anytime Summer cries in normal everyday life, so I’m especially appreciative of that one.

    We then moved over to the side where the babies are encouraged to hold on, we start with baby resting on our raised knee and our hand cupping baby hand, then removing the knee and repeating "Hold on hold on hold on" to my delight Summer was holding onto the side of the pool without any help from me.

    Clare continues with various techniques to get baby used to water, swimming and going under water – everytime I’m shocked at how quick it goes but love every second of the Summer wants her Dad…its not always the case!

    Till next week!


    The swimming has really bonded baby & Daddy in our house! When she is upset she usually runs for me and wants me nearly all the time but when he starts saying ‘Splish, splash, up in the air…’ she goes to him.

    Our 9, 7 and 5 year olds are all getting in on the act now too – when she cries inevitably someone will start saying ‘splish, splash… and up in the air’ and she stops crying.

    its amazing, who knew swimming lessons could give us ways to soothe her in everyday life when something is upsetting her.

    I am so glad they are doing this – they are really loving it.


    Waterbabies – the pool we go to wasn’t starting swimming lessons – ie the child in the pool on their own until they are 4yrs old. They do run a baby & parent swim lesson but she’s too old for that. I believe they had such demand for the 3-4yr olds that they are now doing introducing a new level for the younger kids so dd2 starts in January and cannot wait.


    The WaterBabies December 2012 Newsletter: WaterBabies Newsletter


    Hi everyone,

    We’re coming to that super exciting time of term again where Waterbabies next photoshoot is only a few weeks away! This is your opportunity to get a unique photo of your baby, which is a great keepsake to have from your Water Babies journey!

    If you’re a little unsure of what the photoshoot is or what exactly it entails, please read on…

    The Photoshoot – Sunday 5th May in St Michael’s House in Clarehall

    Why this pool?
    We host our photoshoot in this pool because it’s very big, spacious and lovely and warm!! There is also a viewing area where partners and/or family members can watch while having a lovely cuppa and a biscuit!

    What time is the shoot?
    The photoshoot runs in 20 minute slots from 9am – 3pm. There are limited spaces left so please let us know if you do want to book in!

    How much does it cost to attend the photoshoot and what does this cover?
    The cost to attend the photoshoot is €49.99 and this covers the costs of one of our top notch underwater expert photographers, as well as all the hi tech equipment that goes along with it and staff on the day.

    What happens at the photoshoot?
    It starts off like a lesson on the day, so mum or dad will get in with baby on the day and we will have a little warm up. When it is your turn we swim your baby in front of the camera with you giving the command. Allgoing well, your baby will take turns going under 3 times, and up to 3 pictures will be taken each time.

    What happens after…??

    The Photo Viewing – Saturday 11th May in the Clarion Hotel in Liffey Valley

    Why here?
    We try and keep the viewing venue as central as possible so it’s fair for all those of you who live on the North, South and the outskirts of Dublin.

    What time is the viewing?
    Like the photoshoot, the photo viewing runs in 20 minute slots from 9am – 4pm. Again, there are limited spaces left so please do let us know if you do want to book in!

    What happens at the photo viewing?
    We get to show you all of the pictures that were taken of your baby at the photoshoot. You can look at all of the high quality products that you can buy, e.g canvas, frames, prints and digitals. You can place your order then and there. We will then process the payment and send your order off to the UK.

    How long will it take my order to arrive?
    We have to say it can take 6-8 weeks but it normally doesn’t take that long at all! As soon as it’s in, if you’re still in classes we will bring it along to your class for you. If you’re out of classes we will give you a call when your order is in and arrange to get it to you.

    Do you offer any payment plans?
    Yes! You can set up a payment plan that suits you, there is absolutely no pressure to buy your order out right, especially if you’re looking at a more expensive product. We cannot process your order or send it off until we your order is fully paid for, but the option is there.

    What if I can’t make this viewing?
    That’s no problem at all! We can arrange a day and time for you to come into our office in Blanchardstown and view them. This would be during office hours, Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm. If you can only do weekends or evenings, again just let us know and we will see what we can do for you! Unfortunately we are not able to email you any pictures.

    We hope this may help answer any questions you might have, and please if you have any others do not hesitate to contact us.  We have attached a price list to remind you of all the fabulous things you can buy. If you would like to book on please don’t delay and call us now on 01-8249987.


    Today was a welcome return for the Water Babies classes, with the bank holiday last week (along with the 2 week Easter Break) going back to the Pool with Summer was a huge welcome.

    The progress of all the babies has been amazing, they are all doing things many of us wouldn’t have believed 2 months ago.

    As always with Waterbabies its a gradual progress, today we start with the usual routines – "kickin and kickin", "side to side" and the favourite "splish splash". We then proceeded to some "hang on hang on" where the babies are brought to the Pool side and encouraged to hang on themselves, obviously parent is covering hands but each week they are becoming more independent to the extent that our daughter Summer can hold onto sides by herself.

    We get back walking around our circle with the "side to side", "kickin & kickin" and of course "Splish Splash", then some under water work – parent says own name – ready – go and pops head under water. We then do the same with the babies but replace with baby name – ready – go and both parent & baby go underwater together.

    Some more hip hip hooray and back over to the sides for humpty dumpty, splashing baby into water gently from the side, gently swimming to the middle & back to side. Then we let the baby (gently) splash underwater, turn them around and get them back to the sides to "hold on hold on". This part is hugely important. It teaches baby if they fall into a pool to quickly turn and get to the side and hold on until someone rescues. Although all the babies had water streaming down their little faces they managed to hold on until parent took them away – that could literally be them saving their own lives if anything ever happened in a pool.

    We also got to go underwater with baby for first time by way of lunge so both baby & parent are together, going down and then up again.

    These past 2months have been amazing, look forward to next week.


    Class 8
    Another great week with Summer at Waterbabies.
    We continued the usual exercises of holding on to the side of the pool, Splish Splash, zig zag, kickin & kickin etc which is great.

    Today we did something new, Clare (the excellent instructor) held a hula hoop under the water, parent would bring baby to the hoop, gently lower baby under water and let them pass through the hoop, go to the other side and gently catch baby as they rise to the surface.

    For that second or two that baby is underwater they actually swim to the surface – their legs kick and arms push to get them up. The only thing that bothered any of the kids was water running down their face but that is quickly gone as we return to side to side swim and Splish Splash.

    Another week and more progression.


    Our daughter loves going to the classes and when she is upset about something we often sing to her ‘Splish splash, splish splash, around in a circle and up in the air’ and she stops crying!

    Its a brilliant thing to do with baby, teaching them to swim is so good for them, especially at an early age.


    Class 9

    Another great class. This week there was a little more underwater swimming, this time we go underwater with the baby – let go and look at baby swimming back to the surface, it’s absolutely amazing looking at their little arms & legs push & kick to get themselves back to surface.

    It’s now getting to the stage where water running down their face no longer bothers them, it’s just part and parcel of being in a pool.

    Another of the important factors is the "hold on hold on" technique. We constantly get them to hold onto the sides of the pool by themselves without any assistance. I now have 100% confidence if Summer fell into a swimming pool that she would automatically turn over and hold onto the sides until someone rescued her – as unlikely it is to happen, just nice knowing she could look after herself for those vital seconds.


    New Term New Class
    Because of Summers age it was thought best that she skip 2 levels and proceed to Toddler1 level – aimed at babies her age.

    Class 1
    We were used to the splish splash walk around, this time its a bit different, the instructor (Clare) creates a circle with her in the middle and the parents take turns to count 1,2,3 and launch their child to Clare. Initially I was apprehensive and this was very new for us but seeing the other kids practically swimming I thought Summer would be fine. A quick 1,2,3 and she was launched to Clare, she had a small cry but was quickly launched back and soon a big laugh broke out – amazing.

    The entire class is a step up with more emphasis on actual swimming, kicking and moving around independently on the sides of the pool.

    The usual "Hold on Hold on" applied at the sides but now the babies are encouraged to do "Monkey Monkey" where they move themselves sideways along the side of the pool. It was amazing to see ALL of the kids doing this with ease and ALL of them laughing very loud.

    This is an amazing class and we can’t wait till next week.


    Our daughter was all excited yesterday after the class, she was running around with her hands up in the air ‘pretend diving’!! 😀

    I love that our daughter is actually learning to swim. It is such a proper skill and something that will stand to her for the rest of her life. Her Daddy takes her so I cannot wait for the next time we go swimming to see her in action! 😀


    Class 2

    Knowing what to expect this week was a big help. Again we started with Clare in the middle and parents doing 1,2,3 to launching child to Clare, Summer popped up and started laughing immediately. Clare then sent her back to me and with water spilling down her face the laughter continued with high fives all round.

    We’re doing a lot of work on the sides of the pool – getting the kids to hold on and move left & right to increase confidence. Also now getting to the stage where we encourage to crawl out of pool, turn sit up and when ready jump back in, swim to the middle, turn back to the sides and reach for the "hold on" themselves. This is teaching an invaluable lesson of looking after themselves.

    Every week has something new and always something to look forward to.

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