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    Hi all,

    Lorna, the researcher for the Op Trans blog has been onto us today about how we are getting on. They like the fact we are being so honest about how we are doing and want to hear more from us.

    Pleas see below message they sent; if you want to share your thoughts, feelings, joys, highs, aches, pains etc about OT, you can send on to Lorna Hartnett at lorna.hartnett9@googlemail.com


    I hope all the parents are getting on well with the plan so far.
    I’d love if a few of you could write a blog entry each over the course of the show to let me know how you are getting on. For example, a member of the group could send one before the end of the week telling us how they have found the first week; what has been tough for them, what habits have been hard to kick and how they are finding the support (from each other, from members of the public, etc.)
    You could tell us how you are finding Dr Eva’s recipes & Karl’s exercises and your progress in terms of weight loss, fitness and the feeling of health so far.

    Perhaps you could send this email out to the members of the group or put it up on the Mumstown page so that anyone who fancies putting a few words on paper can email it through to me. And be sure to include the name & contact details so that I can put a photo of the blog author up on the web.

    If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me via email or phone.

    Thank you.
    Kind regards,

    Lorna Hartnett
    Web Researcher
    "Operation Transformation 3"
    +353 1864 1444


    I LOVE KARL…. WILL HE MARRY ME…. sorry married already!

    I love his work out, but the other night I was f**king him from a height, im doing 3 repsand after 60 lunges and squats my poor legs were like jelly and I was about to die, dh was come on you only have 20 lunges to do…. "just do 10" i went for it but had to do my 20, dh laughing at me and said " I knew you wouldnt stop at 10"….

    I have just over a stone to lose so im looking at about 2 Ibs a week and seem to be on track… not much weight loss but wow I can see the change in my body shape ALREADY. Still look the same in clothes but Naked (have a drink of water there Admin 😉 ) I can see a difference, the love handles are getting smaller 😆 😆 😆

    The food…. loving the brekkie and love the lunches..The dinners are okay some I like some I dont like… but the ones i like I really really like! Eating loads of fruit and loads of water and 3 cups of yummy green tea so doing well….. dont know what new in my diet this week but would like to know is anyone else FARTING!!!! Im not joking im farting all day 😳 😳 😆 Thanks Dr Ava


    Some say…she chews purest marmite for 8 hours instead of sleeping whilst shooting commercials for age-rewind skin treatments. All I know is….she’s Dr Eva!

    I’m finding Dr Eva’s recipes on the whole delicious, in spite of myself. She’s so severe, but with the ultimate get out of jail card of being damn well right all the time, so I just gotta love her. Was VERY sceptical when first saw the recipes: Star anise, in Drogheda, I ask you! But with the tiniest of tweaks here and there to suit taste and budget, the food’s been a pleasure. Particularly as have on the whole found it relaltively adaptable to family life. Example, the steamed fish with "creamy" mushroom sauce (philly lite and soy sauce an astonishing improvement on the full fat milk-loaded variety of old in this house) was fine with steamed veg for us all, just add mash for the husband and two kids and hey presto! No washing up!

    And what is is it with her? Witchcraft? Well, if the cap fits and all that…But the thing is, SOMETHING she’s done in the spell, sory, recipe ingredients must be combining with something else in the happy! happy! happy! department in my brain because NOSWEET CRAVINGS!!

    can we bottle and sell her? She’s a tonic alright!


    well done Sabbi and Fabienne on the blog on the website!



    Lorna is delighted with our threads and she has her next blog ready to go in a few days….watch out for that everyone, its from hjs so bound to be funny!!!


    well it’s as above so no need for the old baited breath!

    so do u need to take above down S?


    I have to say I dusted off the steamer and its brilliant…. ds loves the mushroom sauce he helps make it 😆 great tip.

    i love the idea ofgetting more fish into our diet, we should eat more… I’d eat alot of tuna and smoked salmon but never as a family dinner.. its all getting easier now. Pity some of the supermarkets are sooo shit with their vegs, half the stuff looks rotten and wilted…. cant beat lidl


    Style fish was about the limit of my association with all things finned until this lark, so am delighted to be enjoying fish again.

    Tuna steak delish, is anyone allowed this yet?

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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