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    I’m a very bad mum.
    My mission tonight was to put the kids pizza in the oven before I left for the gym, while kids having bath under dad supervision (for those who know me, it’s always dh job, 2 children under 6, and I may have give 10 baths in total, in the last 6 years start of because was afraid to broke newborn baby…).

    Back to the story.
    Came back from the gym, happy.
    Saw my children playing with playstation. Start to be a bit mad at the dad. Did you feed the children?

    Answer, NO. You forgot to put pizza in oven.
    Normally their diner is always ready after the bath (my job).
    Today, did not even come up to my mind. Was to focussed on gym / OT.
    What a great mum I am

    Now they had diner and they’re going to bed.

    Talk soon.

    super minder

    let me tell you something i learned down the years. the fact that you asked had they been fed in the first place makes you a good mum.

    good for you in the gym. dont bet yourself up pet. your getting fit for your kids and to keep you sane xxx

    and the kids were playing the games . the kids probly didnt even notice no pizza lol



    Don’t beat yourself up

    The kids were fine and did get to eat

    Relax – Well done on going to the gym – Best of Luck on OT



    No your not a bad mum your "just a mum"

    Well done for going to the gym… I bet the kids LOVED playing the playstation and fun time with their daddy. I came in tonight after 10pm and ds1 was still up playing the wii, I didnt give out he is sick and not getting up early in the morning… .I could have had a melt down but told ds to go to bed and he was asleep in 5 mins….
    I remember coming home and eating the head off dh for not clearing up the lunch stuff, he said I was on the floor playing lego and trains with the boys!!! It made me think he has so little time with the boys, so what about the dishes or the fact they didnt get fed other then butter popcorn, its a memory with their dad……. Think we all need to lighten up about routines, well I do… I stress if the boys are in the bath and its past their bedtime!!! Op trans changes for body and mind 😉



    He wouldn’t have put the pizza in himself then? ❓ ❗

    I must be missing something, don’t get it, kids no t cos YOU didn’t put pizza in before u left? A task 2 onerous for dh? I musr=ta mis-read somewhere, sorry!

    Anyway, as they all say, 1 eve, 1 tea, 1 late-ish nite, so what, as long as he did his share of the put-down at bedtime? It’s actually the strenght of a routine and normal system I think that you can break it form time to time and the kids don’t go fruit loop, they just kinda love the excitement of summat a bit diff, and as has been said, gives them a warm and fuzzy for theri memory banks! 😀 😀 😀


    one night won’t kill them
    apparently when my mum was in having my youngest sister all myself & my other sister ate for 5 days was fishfingers & waffles and cornflakes 😆 😆 apparently my dad asked us what we wanted to eat (3.5yr & 7yrs) and he gave us what we asked for 😆 😆 😆


    Oh munchin, had a laugh at your post.

    It’s because I did not like the food my dad cooked for us that at the age of 10 I did the family meal to my taste….
    discoverd veg when turned 16….
    Was skinny then, start to gain weight when I started to eat veg (read in books it was good) 😆 😆

    No he could not have put the pizza in the oven as he was giving the bath, and can’t leave children in water to go down in the kitchen.
    So when out of bath he did put the pizza in the oven, but kids had to wait to eat, hence extra playtime.

    He does more in the house than me.

    Talk soon,


    They were probably munching on secret bags of crisps and goodies and they just don’t want to tell you because you are dieting and they are not! LOL 😀 😀

    Don’t worry about it, we all feel like bad mums some times and the fact we even consider ourselves bad means we have high standards and that means we look after our kids great. Hope that makes sense!!!

    Well done you for going to the gym – give yourself two thumbs up for that!!

    See you tomorrow


    Bad bad mother here, I always would leave mine in the bath to run down for 30 secs to put pizza in oven.

    In fact, I often leave 6yo to wash herself and mind 3yo in there while I potter around upstairs largely but yeah, sometimes go downstairs for a bit.

    I always know they are fine as I can hear the monumental sound of the entire bath contents being transferred from it to the floor, so defo no fear of drowning with that noise

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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