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    Anyone doing anything exciting for it?

    Know of any restaurants getting in2 it or anything like that?

    Personally I am gonna try and stay away from the chicken nuggets and chips and cook properly for my bunch for a change.

    Good job it only lasts a week!!!!



    I do the shopping in Lidl and they always have some organic veg and organic mince. I try ang get organic when I can. Hubbie thinks its a complete waste of money though!!LOL.


    I think organic tastes nicer, whatever the bean counting dh thinks, I got 1 like u!

    We got an allotment out in Slane in early summer . Went a hanful of times, full of enthusiasm and seeds for growing organic EVERYTHING. Then we got that period of biblical rain, remember, and we didn’t dare go back for fear of what the untended weeds would look like!!!

    Still not set foot up there…



    I am juicing organically this week!!

    Tomorrow I’m making an organic stew for dinner and I’m making apple, carrot and blueberry juice (nearly all organic) for the kids too.

    They love to use the juicer with me, I let them help chop up the fruit with me and stick it in to the juicer. It gets them excited about fresh juice and its a great way to get carrots into them!!!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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