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    I can’t believe that we have made it to the home strait….
    Will be glad to have my Saturday mornings back to myself….

    I, like everyone else, intend to take the lessons that I’ve learnt over this time, and continue to apply them in my everyday life. Keep it up, perhaps not as rigorously as whilst on the show, but even when I do break out and eat the Ben and Jerry’s…. I can climb back on the wagon afterwards, without beating myself up about it. Thats the one thing about doing things as a group, you know that there is a group total to be accounted for…. :roll:

    Anyway….. lets get through this week, and then get all glammed up for the final show! Will be nice to wear something other than trackie bottoms and tshirts! I must have done poor DH’s head in last night…. dragging every possible combination of gear out of my wardrobe, for his approval…. Think I’ve decided to go with simple and understated…. yet hopefully still decent! :lol:

    Enjoy your Sunday gals and guy! and see you on the other side! :wink:


    Woohoo the final week! Bring it on, Im up in good form, ready to get stuck in this week.

    Had my toast and poached egg for brekkie, going to stick to the recipes this week, and do as much walking as I can.

    Looking forward to Sunday all the same!
    Come on gals and guy!! We can do it!!! Good Luck everyone.[/size]


    Well said Chewi… hard to believe we are nearly there. Im the same as you going to take the tips from the show but follow more of a WW routine, a little of what you like but on the whole more fruit and veg and go for the healthy option….
    Everyone should make a big effort this week… if we could all do 2or more pounds, i know its alot to ask but a major rally and push for the last week… but you have to make sure you eat enough.
    im loving the changes in my body, never thought i could feel so happy about my shape, i was putting it down to "oh i’ve had two kids and this is my shape now" well it doesnt have to be like that…… im not anyway near back in shape but will get there over the next few months…
    Cant wait for the bus trip and getting all dressed up….. you should see the shoes the girls made me buy would never have gotten them on my own… have my nice blue dress to wear with kill heals 😉 i feel like a kid waiting to go on a school trip. 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆


    here’s to the last week and sat’s back yahoooo..

    i’m happy with what i’ve lost so far consistant each week loosing every week so i’m delighted with that, i’ve met the targets and exceeded each week slightly but if i can continue doing this each week, i’ll be back to prebaby weight and so can’t wait…..loving the fact that my clothes are loose rather than saying uh they’re too tight….

    here’s to the last week and the continuation of a new beginning…..

    looking forward to seeing everyone all glammed up…will make a change from t-shirts and pants… 😆


    Final for RTE, glad to have my saturdays back.
    But my diet / exercice plan will continue (even if I take a week or 2 off).

    Talk soon,


    Woohoo!!!!!! The final week!!!! Lets give it all we can and great a great result on Sunday!

    Going to be as good as possible this week and exercise as much as I can… going to excel myself this week….

    So looking forward to wearing my new dress and having a great day on Sunday!


    Think its gonna be just me and Evil in pants! I’m not brave enough to get the legs out in a dress! 😆 And heels Taylor! Good luck…. 😆 I’d break my neck…. 🙄


    going to keep the walks up after i drop the kids off to schoolbecause it seems to be working
    its so nice to actually have a waist again 😀
    going to stay with the healthy eating and skating and pole dancing each week because its so much fun
    well done everyone for getting through this tough few weeks and good luck in the future
    its been a great time as well with the meet ups, skywalk, pole dancing, skating, etc…
    made some friends and got to know people better
    just want to thank anyone who’s given me a lift from any of the meet ups, thank you very much
    thank you to operation transformations giving us the chance so i could give myself a kick start to get my health and weight in check
    plus a very big thank you to siobhan and dave for all the work they put into it all for us
    evern though they were stressed out to they always thought of the group too……THANK YOU!
    bring on the finale and enjoy yourself no matter whats going on


    Final for RTE, glad to have my saturdays back.
    But my diet / exercice plan will continue (even if I take a week or 2 off).

    Talk soon,

    Dont think your choice to take the last two weeks off is a great idea, think its a terrible idea and tbh a very selfish one, we are a team and thats not playing your part as a member of the team…. anyway its going to be left up to the rest of us girls to carry any futher weight gain, Im going to work hard this week for me and only me, its a disappointment that everyone cant think like that…. i have my veg need to make my soup and i have my popcorn treat….

    Chewiodie… havent ruled out killing myself on the heels yet 😆 😆 😆 I can stand and hope someone will be kind enough to move myself and hjs about the studio 🙄
    Never get my legs out either but no time like the present


    Taylor…. think perhaps that Fab meant that she would have a two week break once the show was over, and then to continue as before? …. or at least that’s how I read it…. 😉

    Heels…. killer heels…. I would honestly be entertainment on its own… everyone would be spending their time laughing at me!


    One of the team member, nicely approach me about the fact that I’m letting the team down by choosing not to try extra to make up for the gain last week and about the fact I don’t intend to follow a plan this week (i’ll explain later in this post).

    I’m sorry to let the team down, but I when I entered the OT it was not with any competition in mind.
    For me it’s not about "being the biggest looser", it’s about getting a better lifestyle.
    As far as the team concept goes, we all talked through MT about our ups and downs, and gave and received advices.
    But the weight loss / fitness plan is a personal goal.
    Everyone should be happy about their own success, but the team result should not change your personal and individual feeling.

    We have to be realistic the team will not stay together after the tv crew is gone.
    Some will still see each other, and some new friendship arised, which is a good thing. But most of us will not stay in direct contact, just through MT (not a bad thing), and that contact trough MT is a great help and support.

    I’m not giving up, but I have some family over (it wasn’t planned when I signed) and we have some very special celebrations (good and bad), and I intend to enjoy it.
    After 8 years I had the strengh to ask to bring my dead son wine (it’s a family tradition, and for each birth my in-laws bought some very good french wine, and the plan was to open 1 bottle /year.
    And of course we never got that wine.
    We had wine for the other children but never Yohann’s wine (my in-lawns never mentioned him, and it’s a difficult subject to talk with them). This year, I asked them to bring 1 bottle over and we had it, and of course it’s a very special wine, so I made a very special meal (rich) to go with it, and we also had champagne to start with nibbles (lots of veg as well with non so light nibbles)
    And they also offer to invite us to a restaurant (to celebrate their wedding anniversary), and I would not say no because I’m on a diet plan.

    I’ll not starve myself to make up for the few extra pounds and meals I had, just to reach some kind of weight for the final weigh-in.

    I’ll make it up for it in the long run.

    On saturday it will be the 8th year of Yohann death, and if I need food to make me happy, I’ll eat.
    If we had see the experts, maybe I would have get the extra help to deal with that. And some nice words trough MT will not help me. It will make me feel that persons are sharing part of my pain, but it will not make me change completly, and make me want to avoid comfort food.

    I’m over his death enough, but it’s not an easy time.

    So, no I’m not giving up my objective about have a better lifestyle, but yes, last week and next are week off for me.

    But that person asking me to do it for the team made me think.
    I’m sorry, I’m not doing it for the team, but for me and my family. I’m in charge of my life (with some support), and I realised that going out the the OT finale, is not for me, I did to many excess in the final 2 weeks of OT, and I have to go back on track, and an extra meal out, will not be a good thing for my long term healthy plan. I already said I was not going out for drinks (too many calories in alcohol), but a meal out is too rich as well, and I’m not paying for food to leave it on the plate.

    See you all sunday, all happy and all



    Fabienne, may i first say that i am sorry to hear that you have lost a child, i cant imagine how you feel, but obviously you are are strong person to have to deal with something so terrible.
    OT is not just for 8 weeks its about making life changing decisions. You have done this, you have joined the gym, cycling and everything else that you do.
    I think Ciara said it best last week, there is knowing when to accept a challenge and there is knowing when to say no if it is not right for you. So you dont finish, but you took part and are taking the things you have learnt so you should be proud of yourself.
    Some of the other members may feel that you have let them down, thats not exactly fair, your are all there as individuals and all responsible for your own choses and not answerable to anyone else but yourself.


    taylor….fabienne is not letting the team down, how many weeks have ,many people in the group not met the target weights given???? how many others did and lost more and carried the group??
    so what if she has 2 weeks off, who cares, it’s been a tough few weeks for everyone and really this whole team support where has that gone??? you support everyone in everything and i can say through posts etc i’ve not seen an awful lot of support but comments to some that aren’t supportive…..
    you yourself if you look back mentioned you had a bad week and it was up to the team to try make up your part…so where was your team spirit then???
    leave fabienne to do what she wants to do, so what if she doesn’t do it full heartedly that’s her decision….
    i joined as a team as i wanted to get a kick in the ass to loose weight, the whole team thing is only on line, at weigh ins and at other events, we never did group exercises etc etc, but one thing we did do was be sympathetic to those having a bad week…

    i lost weight every week met the target set every week, i didn’t do it for the team i did it for me, but it helped the team…and i’m sure everyone else feels the same, end of rant very annoyed 👿

    fabienne you do what you need to do you’ll have my support regardless…


    Thank you for your kind words.

    Fabienne + pounds
    😆 😆 😆 😆



    You are very brave to share your story…..
    And yes, celebrate his life…. with family and those you hold dear.
    I’m so sorry for your loss….

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