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    :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

    just to say I had a FAB day yesterday!!!! Everyone looked FANTASTIC, well done!!

    And I am going to do my walk today :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:


    Yep! Brilliant day! Really enjoyed it! Sad its all over to be honest… but will be carrying it on myself!!

    Everyone looked amazing!!!


    Just chatting with Trixie and she had a good thought… we might not be able to put our pics up until after the final show? Think that could be right….


    Hey all….

    Firstly…. a Big Thank You to all of you yesterday for your concern about my DS….
    I admit, I was very distracted last night, and just wanted to get home to him, so didn’t hang about.
    Poor little man was back at the doc this morning, with a severe ear infection, and blisters in his mouth etc… all as a result of the chickenpox, so hopefully the drops, antibiotic and anti-viral will kick in really soon and the next 24 hours will make things improve.

    Just have to say….. Admin, you were looking very smart in your "yummydaddy" get up! And ladies, you all looked beautiful, and elegant. A dramatic difference from the t-shirts and trackies every week.
    Looking forward to seeing the show on Wednesday….. have to say, the leaders looked phenomenal, and Anna and Ciara were just giddy backstage while we were waiting to go on, really really lovely girls…..

    Can’t believe its all over…..



    First of and most importantly we were all thinking of your boy and we all hope he makes a speedy recovery, as you’re very aware they’re resilient little people (although that doesn’t help in the middle of it) and with a bit of luck he comes out the other side the stronger for this experience.

    Thanks for your kind words, how does it feel to be the biggest LOSER of our group…congratulations a brilliant achievement and yes what difference without the t-shirts & trackies, it was cool dressing up a bit!

    Yvonne I think it would be fine to upload any photos, can’t see there being any problems with that.


    Chewi god love the poor kid, he is really going through the mill…. you looked amazing yesterday a fraction of ur former self…. you are an amazing group and a pleasure to get to know you all better over the post few weeks….

    Had a ball yesterday, the crack was 90 and the leaders and their families were just amazing… Anna and her dh are just lovely, she is a nutter and NOTHING like how she was edited on tv! Ciaras mum and dad are the salf of the earth really lovely people and Ciara herself a true stunner inside and out, she donent need a man in her life Amazing Girl…
    Conor is a NUTTER and his family, his sister, mother and his brother are so nice we had some crack with his brother… he wants to start pole dancing 😆 😆 😆 Anna is thinking of coming to Zumba salsa with us she said its only an hour and would love to have the crack with us…. Conors wife is a stunner in real life and his daughter is such a sweetie….
    Amanda look amazing… might get that dress for happys wedding. Her dh was great crack……
    Penny all i say is Wow… wait until you see that girl!!!!! wow wow wow…..
    Tranny Admin 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 Brilliant!
    Cant wait to see the show……. omg afraid to look at the photos, you should see us, Suzy Sluts as Margo was calling us 😆 😆 😆 As for the Army men…. well lets just let the photos do the talking 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 :lol:….. and Come on Armagh was very sexyin the flesh 😉 Is that right Trixie 😉 😆 😆 😆
    I wont even start about the bus trip home 😯 As my mammy said its the quite ones you have to watch out for….. isnt that righ Sabbi 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆


    Tuesday – about 3.5 k on the bike

    Wednesday – 6k buggy walk


    I had a ball Sunday, it was brilliant craic. All the leaders and experts are really friendly. Amanda made friends with Mumstown on facebook already and Dr Eva is thinking about coming to visit us soon 😆

    Looking forward to the show tonight…can’t believe its all over already!!

    We are keeping it going too, went for walk/cycle this morning (I did 30 second jog, 30 second walk with April in the Phil & Teds), probably looked a bit mental jogging with the buggy but who cares!!

    Chewie – thinking of you and your little guy, hope he is on mend. Fingers crossed he is over the worst.

    Happymammy – thinking of you too chick, hope your lovely hubby to be is on the mend.

    Looking forward to Friday night….be nice to let our hair down (although from the looks of those pics, we certainly let our hair down Sunday 😳 ❗ )


    Hey gals!

    Well…. what a hectic few days hey?

    On the home front…. DS is still far from himself…. but temp seems to be getting a bit more stabile…. just struggling with the food side of things… so far can only get icecream down him, and little bits of cream cheese dippers. Turning his nose up at jelly, custard, and lollies…. all the damn sores in his throat. Fortunately he is still drinking…. God willing it will all be over soon.

    Happy….. just sending you loads of hugs, and best wishes for your man…. May the recovery be swift, and things return to normal for you soon…. 🙁

    Haven’t even ventured into anything exercise-wise…. intend to get back on the bike when all is well in the household…. 🙄 And thanks Sabbi and other gals for your well wishes.

    Tonight’s show…. mmm… should be fun…. Biggest Loser, yeah… I’m delighted I lost what I wanted to lose, but hey, still SO much more to go… same again to get into the NORMAL category! 🙄 But, I’ll get there in the end. All I’m saying is that for those of you out there in Mumstown land, who weren’t there on Sunday night… make sure you have your tissues handy. Dear Lord, I think if I hadn’t known I was about to be on camera, you would have been able to wash the floor with me! So many times I had to try and stop myself from howling….. HJS and I kept having to check each other’s make-up! 🙄 The leaders were all so great, and it was a good laugh chatting to others in the groups. Senator Norris is a character…. I had such a giggle with him. Anyway, let me go and check on the little folk…. ENJOY THE SHOW ALL!!! xx


    Did 6k today but the diet not great, half op trans have my own version….

    Chewi he wont waste away, but hope it breaks soon God love him,

    Happys Dh didnt break the leg again it just stressed the old break iykwim,, but they were all in OLOL last night they all have very bad whip lash and very sore but all well other then that…..

    Sabbi a good few of us have Anna, connor, ciara, Amanda as friends all ready.. was chatting to them last night Ciara even has some of our photos up on her page and she changed her profile photo too…. hope she doesnt get into trouble 😆 😆 😆
    Ciara is in her show in Rush was saying to her we will have to head up and support her…. She knows Drogheda well as her friend works in OLOL

    Anyone got upset tummies after Sunday… im not the best since and on the loo a bit!!! Think it was something i ate on Sunday my mam thinks it was the tuna as it didnt taste right..


    Taylor – you’re not used to eating proper food and your tum has to re-adjust itself – thats what the upset tummy is from – also if you had any alcohol your tum wouldnt be used to that either !! You’ll soon be back to normal

    Is happymammy ok ?? 😯 😯 Were they in an accident 😥 😀


    happy wasnt in the crash her dh crashed on monday, he had 2 passengers in the van with him, it was a big crash van flipped over on its roof!!! then back onto its wheels and into a stone wall!!! Very very lucky they all walkedaway but all had belts on… have a look on her facebook page for the photos of the van

    i was thinking that about the food and the system, was thinking of giving up the drink as i have ibs and thought it was the drink that caused it… but my mam said she felt unwell after sunday too… know about 4 of the group are the same!


    Thats terrible about Happys dh – hope all are on the mend – must have got a terrible fright all the same.


    Thats odd Taylor – I am not well since yesterday…. to be honest I was putting it down to something I ate yesterday… but maybe its from Sunday??
    Feel totally crap, hope it shifts today…


    That hjs, yourself, myself…and not on the team my mam. Mam wasnt well on Monday cramps and feeling sick and then the runs yesterday…. she thinks it was the tuna

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