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    Ok guys we’re into week 2, how is everyone holding up – for those participating on the show and those doing it from the sidelines?

    We took a two mile walk which included lots of laughter, my girls delighted in the Wonder Wagon and the missus getting immense pleasure me pulling it up the hills, I spent 20mins on the exercise bike, 40 setups and 20 press-ups, I’ve phoned the paramedics and asked to have the heart paddles ready in the Lady of Lourdes…

    Fun week ahead for us all, looking forward to the Roller Skatingon Monday night and hopefully some jogging on Tuesday night.

    Let us know what you are planning and also post any menu’s or tips for the week.


    Well done admin!! Just another receipe that should fit right into your menu, roast vegetables. Had this today with some hake, love it. This amount is usually for 2 of us.

    2-3 peppers
    1 corgette
    1/2 butternut squash
    1 red onion
    large handful mangetout
    large baby sweetcorn (not kernels)
    6 cherry tomatoes (or as many as your like)
    All cut up to a similiar size

    1 tablespoon olive oil
    Loads black pepper
    Groung garlic
    Mixed Herbs
    1 tablespoon Mustard Seeds
    I tablespoon honey

    Throw everything into a large bowl and coat all vegatables. Transfer to a banking tray and cooking for about 30 mins. Serve with grilled chicken or fish.


    Today…. other than cleaning house, I decided to have an "off" day, exercise wise. Kept to the eating plan though… well as best as I could. Couldn’t find tuna steak anywhere, so bought salmon, cos I reckon both are oily fish…. and cooked fennel for the first time in my life. Surprisingly tasty…. so, ’tis all good!

    Back to the exercise grindstone tomorrow!

    Off to watch Glee…. 😆 😆


    Aldi has tuna steak in the frozen food.


    Done ok today, but no exercise…
    Made the pasta with broccoli, spinach and ricotta and it was horrid! I did eat it but struggled, defintiely won’t be making it again!
    Have a bit of a headache this evening but drinking the water so hope that will help it….


    Done no exercise today either.

    Was inmy mums house and she made a fry, but I DECLINED 😀 though I must admit it was very hard to, the smell of the sauceages mmmmm, I just had toast 😆

    Got Jordan’s fitness DVD in Tescos for €5 so gonna try that in the morning, and then will go out for a walk in the afternoon.

    Good luck everyone with week 2.


    Wow, well done to you Trixie!!!

    Still have the headache here.. going to bed shortly…

    Really need to up the ante on the exercise this week!


    lai that sounds yummy…. whats hake like? never had it

    Ah Yvonne thats what i was going to do tomorrow but no spinach in Lidl or Tescos… Fish counter was closed too. Didnt get to have my roast chicken today so doing that tomorrow instead….. had fish cakes and chiii sauce with 2 slices of wholemeal bread ( was in late and it was that or eat crap)

    Well done Trixie.. same here today the smell of the bacon and sausages killed me. I had to my poached egg and toast 😆 😆 😆

    Starting to feel a bit better this evening did
    200 sit ups (ab roller)
    1 rep of exercises on the sheet with 3kg weights(should have been 2)
    Then did 10k on the bike…

    its given me a boost as i thought i was in no mood to do anything, just shows if you get up off your ass and push you can do it… very very pleased with myself


    t’s not about how much weight we loose or gain.
    OT is about changing our lifestyle.
    Getting fitter and having an healthier diet.

    So we’ll all are going to have some highs and lows, but knowing that we’re taking our lifestyle in hand, going in the right direction that matters.

    Not doing well for week 2 so far.

    But going to do exercicetomorow. Nothing yesterday or today.

    Food wise, I’m okish, not great but sooooo much better than I was before OT. That’s the spirit!

    Now some of my pupils in the school where I teach french, know about me on TV…..
    will push me even more to succed. They are good support, and they always say the truth and notice everything.

    Talk soon,


    kinda slipped off the wagon today, very good all day but had a roast chicken for dinner with all the trimmings… was good all weekend so it was my big blow out..
    Anyone finding the 3 reps of the exercises tough? God I was on my knees about to give up, Thank God for dh he kept me going and pushed and pushed me on till i finished!!! Found it tough this evening, had my apple and orange and a boiled sweet as a treat…

    Oh looked at the mini areo’s and one mini bar is 49 cal… not bad to kill off a craving
    Seen in one of the magazines a drifter and toffee crisp are just 99 cal… so one finger of a drifter 50 cals would be a nice weekend treat with a cuppa


    Hi there… really struggled yesterday evening… made the chilli con carne for dinner but had some rice with it.., it was edible. Around 4 I was starving and had my fruit but it didn’t help and I ended up having a slice of bread, a mini pack of buttons and then small pot of low fat custard…. I knew during it I shouldn’t but couldn’t stop! 😳
    Didn’t go to the gym or do the dvd, was exhausted, in bed at 9.30 and I was falling asleep at 6.30!!


    Had the sweet and sour chickpea salad last night. Interesting…. will do it again, but didn’t feel like a massive amount of food.
    Then, it was off to rollerskating last night.
    So, it was good…. didn’t feel like being good yesterday, so much on my mind, but knuckled down anyway….
    Looking at weather, don’t think I’m going to go for a walk…. think I’ll hop onto the bike instead……


    Taylor, I had a roast dinner last night too, as they hadnt had spuds in ages, but I didnt stockpile my plate, ate a small enough portion. 😳 😳

    Anyways, today I had my egg and toast for brekkie, and lunch I HAD 2 crackerbreads with laughing cow xtra light and a slice of ham.

    Dinner, dont know yet, fish or chilli con carne. Does anyone have an alternative to the mushroom sauce, it doesnt appeal to me whatsoever as i hate mushrooms 😡

    Oh done the workout on the Jordan fitness dvd, it was quite good, and I feel a bit better after doing that.


    From rte pages, if you have ham it should be a full portion of protein as Dr Eva recommends to increase protein intake. (to feel full for longer and because increase of exercice so muscle needs it (what they told me at my gym).
    copy of rte page from Dr Eva :

    Crackers with ham and cheese, with soup
    • Use 3 high fibre crackers with a portion of low-fat soft cheese (no more than
    25kcal a portion).
    • Top with 80g good quality ham, lettuce and cucumber.
    • Enjoy with your homemade soup – easy and simple!
    Crackers 90kcal, ham 100kcal, cheese 25kcal TOTAL 215 before veg Approx.

    I see you’re all doing very well.
    Courgette are quite good with fish.
    Having chili tonight.
    did exercices (not the ones from list, but did a class at the gym) + cycling.

    See you all this saturday. Might come with my children they want to see it.



    Doing ok today now…… made casserole for the tea but am having a big salad myself….

    Fabienne, must have a look at the rte website, seems to be more info about the foods….

    Got 20 mins of the dvd done before A turned it off on me! 🙄 Tried another couple of times, but he was having none of it… will do some when he is gone to bed… Done the sets too… downing water aswell…

    Trixie, might get that DVD, be good to try something different…

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